The Government and Independent Contractors

When the government needs employees with a specific skillset, contractors are often hired rather than more federal employees. Why is this? Is it a sound financial move? Consider the following reasons that hiring contractors makes sense.

Quick Access to New Employees

The federal government tends to move slowly whether updating laws or hiring employees. Within the organizational structure of the government, changes require more money and a lot of paperwork. When policies or decisions require the creation of a new job within that organization, meetings are held, ideas are either approved or denied, and a source of funding must be found. On the other hand, hiring a contractor is quicker and easier.

Temporary Commitments

Sometimes, the job to be completed only requires temporary services. When a federal employee is hired, it takes a long time to pull that individual from one position to another. If the specific job only requires a worker for a few months, it makes sense to hire a contractor who can be terminated when the job is finished. In other words, the contractor can be on the job quickly, and when the job is finished, it’s easy to let the contractor go.

Access to Specific Skills

In many cases, existing employees don’t have the specific skills needed to complete a task. Even within the pool of federal employees, there may not be anyone qualified to complete the work. This is especially true when it comes to technical skills, such as programming, completing specific assessments, or motivating employees. Workers from these in-demand professions are often uninterested in working for the government as long-term employees, but they may be willing to work as a temporary contractor.

This is often the case for workers who once worked for the government, such as the professionals who complete government contractor disc consulting.

DISC training and certification show that the recipient understands people and their behavior. The application of DISC theories often results in stronger relationships, increased productivity, and the achievement of strategic goals.

New Employee Testing

There are times when government agencies aren’t sure whether a new employee is a priority or an effective route to go. When this happens, a contractor may be hired as a trial run. If the temporary worker is a good fit, the position may be converted to a full-time job, and the contractor may have the opportunity to become a full-time employee.

It may seem confusing that the government, with access to many employees, would choose to hire contractors for some jobs. With an understanding of the benefits of working with consultants, however, this decision makes more sense.