The Benefits of Epoxy Coating

The selection of available coating products is more diverse than ever, and manufacturers are constantly striving to meet the ever-increasing market demands for more durable, more abrasion-resistant, and less harmful volatile organic compound (VOC) coating products. The range of colors and decorative effects available is as varied as the application. Many of the concrete coating Grand Rapids, MI products include a variety of pigments and mix-ins to achieve special visual effects.

Epoxy coatings

For a durable and cost-effective solution for concrete, epoxy coatings are a good choice. Epoxy is a two-part liquid that can be applied to existing concrete. However, its application time is limited because it hardens quickly. Therefore, a professional contractor should be consulted to determine the proper application method. 

A good epoxy coating provides a durable, chemical-resistant surface that can withstand heavy wear and tear. In addition, it is highly stain and damage-resistant. Epoxy can be applied in different colors and sheens and add decorative chips to the surface. Epoxy coatings are available in solvent and water-based varieties. The consistency of the coating should match the needs of the project. After applying the coating, you can add a sealant for added protection.


The versatility of concrete is a gift that has been poured on marketers for decades. The versatile nature of concrete coatings is the result of their chemical makeup. Many of these coatings are made from polymer. Some concrete coatings are polymers at their core, while others are blends of several materials. In addition to a polymer composition, most concrete coatings are made from four different types of polymers. Manufacturers of these materials tinker with their molecular makeup and properties to provide varying benefits, such as faster curing times and lower VOCs.


The range of choices for a concrete coating is almost limitless. Modern formulations aim to achieve maximum performance and are easier to apply. Some of these coatings are more durable, save installation time, and achieve special decorative effects. Despite the many choices available, the challenge remains the same: finding the most cost-effective solution for your project. 

The adhesion strength of a concrete coating is one important factor influencing its performance. Therefore, several tests were conducted, including tests before and after the addition of deicing salts. Moreover, tests are performed on samples that have undergone five or six cycles of thermal conditioning and wet-dry exposure. The test results are reported in a study to assess the durability of a concrete coating. However, the adhesion strength is not an exact indicator of the coating’s durability.


Eco-friendliness of concrete coatings is increasing worldwide as the construction industry moves toward sustainable materials. Some are even made from recycled tires. Concrete coatings extend the life of concrete floors and reflect light and heat, keeping buildings cooler and warmer in the winter. It helps businesses save on energy costs. In the construction industry, concrete is an essential material for many buildings. It’s also very durable and inexpensive. By installing polished concrete coating on your business premises, you can go green and reduce your carbon footprint simultaneously. 


The concrete coating cost varies depending on how large the area you are coating will be, what type of coating material you want, and labor costs. The quality of the coating material you choose will determine the cost, and you will pay more for higher-quality coating than for lower-quality options. It would be best to weigh the costs of a high-quality coating against its long-term benefits. Whether for a home or commercial property, the process will add value to your property.

If you are painting or staining over a concrete surface, it’s best to wait for the coating to cure before staining or painting it fully. Moisture can mar the finish of concrete, and it’s best to wait six months before painting or staining it. You’ll also have to wait longer if you plan to add another coating over the old one. However, it’s worth it if you don’t mind waiting that long.