Small businesses: how to improve your ecommerce

The impact the pandemic of 2020 has had on the way we live our lives as workers and consumers is set to last long into the future. The lockdowns have caused new habits to form that are likely to shape consumer behaviours across the globe, and retailers need to adapt.

Findings from a 2021 report from ecommerce fraud protection firm ClearSale and Sapio Research show that consumers are more likely to shop via tablets and phones, order directly from overseas merchants and use alternative payment methods such as online wallets than ever before. For small businesses trying to make a success of their ecommerce strategies, the key is customer experience.

Capturing and retaining your audience’s attention

Your shop front needs to be catchy, from the domain name down to the layout and navigability of your website. A domain name that is simple to remember and type, describes your business and attracts the right customers is essential. You can visit for buy domain name tips, including advice on what extensions to choose and buying multiple domains.

Once they’ve landed on your site, your customers need to find what they want easily and have more checkout options. More consumers are using tablets and phones these days, so it’s important to make sure your site is mobile-friendly, from searching for products to making purchases.

Providing the personal touch

When communicating with your customers, whether it is via text, email or postal mail, think about incorporating the customer’s name and base the content on their recent purchases and preferences. That way, your customers know they’re more than just a number that generates revenue.

Show your social media credentials

Unless you’re a well-known brand, you’ll need to reassure potential customers you’re worth buying from. Links to recent press and the social media platforms you’re on will reveal the extent of your following. Highlight when celebrities use or wear your products, and consider using review sites such as Trustpilot and displaying customer testimonials. Social media is a good way to keep customers engaged; post regular announcements about current and future products and deals.

These are just some ways that can help you improve your ecommerce approach during these challenging times and beyond. The more time and money you invest into your ecommerce strategies, the stronger the chance of growing your business, improving sales and raising brand awareness.