Simple Devices That Make Your Home Safer

Although you may worry about catastrophes befalling you when you’re away from home, statistics show that most accidents actually occur under your own roof. Slip and fall injuries around the house are quite common, but by installing devices such as safety bars you can help protect everyone in your home from danger.

What Are Safety Bars?

Safety bars, also known as grab bars, are devices that you can lean on to aid with balance or grasp onto in case of a fall. Holding onto a bar may help you maneuver into or out of various positions by allowing you to displace some of your weight. Grab bars are typically mounted on walls and require little to no renovation to install. They come in a wide variety of designs so you won’t need to compromise your taste and style for the sake of safety.

Where Can They Be Installed?

The most common household location for grab bars is in the bathroom. Near toilets, they can help you move from a seated to a standing position with less effort. For safety in the bathtub, they may be mounted on a wall or on the side rims for support as you enter or exit. They are also very useful in showers, where they may aid you not only in moving in and out of the stall but can also steady you on the slippery floor.

There are many other areas of your home where safety bars may be beneficial. When installed near stairs or in hallways they can help distribute your weight as you walk. Placing them nearby a favorite chair or at your bedside can increase your stability as you rise or sit. In your garage they may help you safely enter or exit your vehicle.

Who Uses Them?

Grab bars are often helpful to small children who struggle with balance, or to anyone who has suffered an injury that has affected motility. If you are a senior who has lost agility and strength as you’ve aged, or if decreased vision and balance are causing mobility issues, the installation of safety bars may significantly improve your quality of life. With them you can move with greater confidence and maintain your independence.

Installing grab bars can be a great way to make everyone feel safer at home. These simple additions will help your family avoid injuries and allow them to move around with greater ease.