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Renting a self storage unit in Singapore is an excellent service for individuals looking for a place to keep their belongings. No matter what the item is, be it furnishings, books, or equipment, you are free to store it in these containers. What’s more, is that these services come in various sizes.

However, these storage solutions in Singapore don’t just give you advantages. There are various drawbacks to this service which, if you are not careful, can significantly affect your belongings.

Therefore, you may be wondering if getting a storage space for rent in Singapore is worth it. The best way to determine your answer is to weigh the pros and cons of this service. Check its advantages and disadvantages. Will it benefit you or will it only bring you down? Carefully decide on whether a self storage unit is an excellent choice or not.

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Pros & Cons of Self Storage Services in Singapore


Accessible Anytime

You can access your self storage unit in Singapore anytime. Owners like you don’t need to worry about not being able to get any of your belongings. However, some facilities only allow customers to use their self storage space during office hours. This policy is due to security reasons. Therefore, you should look for a company that offers 24/7 service if you want access to your storage solutions anytime.

Various Options

No matter how big or small you need your self storage to be, there will always be a company that offers it. Do you want to store your files in a container? Are you looking for a garage to keep unwanted equipment? You can be sure that there is a storage space for rent that fits your preferences.

However, one thing you need to remember is to provide extra space if you are renting a self storage unit. While it might seem odd at first, especially since you are storing a few of your belongings, there is no telling in the future if you will need to keep more of your items.

Affordable Prices

Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, some companies offer cheap storage space in Singapore. However, you should be wary of services that offer affordable units but come with several risks in security and cleanliness.

However, you should be aware of the fact that price does not have a direct correlation with the quality of service. You can pay thousands of dollars and still find inadequacies in their facilities. Therefore, assess each company before entrusting your belongings to one of their self storage units.

Frees Space

One of the most evident benefits of using a self storage unit in Singapore is that it provides space for your home or office. For example, you don’t need to have your Christmas decorations near you at all times, especially since they are seasonal. Having a cheap storage space allows you to keep items you don’t need while providing room for those that are essential.



The best storage solutions in Singapore provide the belongings of their customers with adequate security. Generally, these include guards, CCTVs, and passwords. Consider it a red flag if a company lacks security personnel or cameras.



However, you should be wary if a company offers cheap storage space to their customers. Aside from inadequate security, you may be placing your belongings at risk of rodents chewing through them. You wouldn’t like to see one of the legs of your antique wooden chair broken as a result of rats.

You should always inspect the company and their self storage facilities before agreeing to their service. Additionally, remember that cheapness does not automatically mean you are saving money.


Generally speaking, self storage companies in Singapore does not allow liquids or wet items in their units. Why? Water from these things can evaporate, increasing humidity in your cheap storage space. Once it happens, mould can grow on your belongings. Therefore, make it a habit to dry your possessions before placing them in your self storage unit.

Possible Data Breach

Companies shouldn’t send valuable documents to storage solutions due to possible data breaches. Confidential information can contain sensitive data regarding employees. If it ends up in the wrong hands, it can result in illegal activities. However, some self storage companies offer services for these kinds of items.

Hidden Charges

One trick that a self storage company in Singapore may attempt is to charge you hidden fees. For example, you may not be utilising an entire storage space for rent. What you should look out for is the establishment charging you for the full price of the unit. Generally speaking, read the terms and conditions of your cheap storage space before using their facilities.

It Can Take Time to Find Something


If you are placing plenty of items in your self storage facility, you may find it difficult to search for a specific thing. It doesn’t matter if your boxes have labels. Once you find yourself dealing with dozens of containers, you will be unsure of the exact location of your belonging.


Having a self storage unit in Singapore is a convenient way of temporarily getting rid of unwanted belongings. You provide more room for your other possessions while having access to those items at any given time. Furthermore, you have plenty of choices to fit according to your needs, and you don’t have to worry about expensive prices. Some companies offer their customers cheap storage space.

However, there are risks to having a storage space for rent in Singapore. Without researching reputable companies, you might place your belongings at risk of rodents and pests. Additionally, entrusting documents with sensitive information to unreliable services may cause data breaches and other illegal activities. Another disadvantage is the possibility of mould growth due to moist items in your self storage unit.

Weigh these pros and cons before renting a self storage unit. Visit SelfStore if you decide that you need cheap storage space in Singapore.