Lock Picking: An Essential Art of Locksmithing

Locksmithing is the art and vocation of the installation and repair of locks. One essential skill of a locksmith involves the picking of locks in order to create keys. Lock picking requires different techniques based on the design of the key and lock and different types of locks require separate sets of tools to defeat the lock pattern. Two types of keys in particular, the skeleton key and the pin tumbler key, require different tools to craft keys to defeat their respective locks.

Picking of Warded Locks

Professionals who offer locksmithing services Piscataway NJ understand warded lock picking, which involves the creation of a skeleton key whose set of teeth generally correspond with and are simpler than the actual key shape required to open the lock. A skeleton key used for lock picking possesses one or two teeth. Grooves in the key’s blade align with the wards, or obstructions, in the lock. As the correct key turns the lock, the grooves match the wards and open the lock.

Picking of Pin Tumbler Locks

A pin tumbler lock contains a set of pins of various lengths designed to obstruct a key whose teeth do not fit the sequence of pins. One tool for tumbler keys is the tension or torsion wrench. This wrench applies torque to the pins while they are picked, which turns the lock open. Various types of picks defeat tumbler locks. Some picks, like the half-diamond pick and the hook pick, pick individual pins of the lock. Other pins, such as rake picks, slide past the pins to push them up toward the shear line. More advanced rake picks use common pin patterns to ease the raking process.

Getting locked out of a car or changing the lock on a door requires lock picking skills to get the job done. Experienced and expert locksmithing solves these commonplace issues.