Know Your Personal Injury Rights

If you need the services of a Colorado dog bite attorney, it can only mean that you are a victim of a dog bite attack and want compensation for whatever damage you incurred. Thankfully, Colorado is a state where justice is upheld, and victims of accidents can claim fair compensation. Going ahead, there are fundamental rights that you have as a victim of a dog bite accident. These rights are human rights that are applied to dog bite attacks to make it easier for victims to seek compensation:

Right to Medical Care

This is a basic human right and should be your priority if you ever get bitten by a dog. Seeking medical care is essential after a dog bite attack for two reasons; your health status and the potential impact on the case.

Right to Request for The dog to Be Put Down

Upon satisfying the court that the dog is harmful and attacks people without provocation, you have the right to ask the court to order the dog to be taken down. If your request is granted, the dog will be taken down by a veterinarian or some other competent professional approved by the court.

Right to Compensation

As captured by Colorado State laws and explained by a Colorado dog bite attorney, victims of a dog attack can file claims and ask for adequate compensation to cover or mitigate the damages and injuries from the attack.

Getting Compensated Under Colorado Laws

According to Colorado’s personal injury laws, dog bite attacks are eligible for compensation except for specific cases when they are not:

  • In cases of trespass or clear disregard of visible dog warnings,
  • Working with dogs as a professional dog handler,
  • Getting injured during a security operation in which security, guard, or hunting dogs are working,
  • Deliberately provoking or otherwise stimulating a dog to attack.

Victims of attacks arising from any of those situations are not qualified for compensation. As far as personal injury rights go, it is vital to realize the limitations of each case.

Most often, courts treat claims on a case-by-case basis because the situation of cases might be dissimilar despite related events leading up to the accident. A Colorado dog bite attorney, for example, can request that the court grant more compensation against the defendant that has an insurance policy in place. A similar case involving a defendant who has no insurance policy might end up with smaller compensation.