International Baccalaureate Diploma Course: Why You Should Choose It

The International Baccalaureate in Singapore is a form of high school diploma programmer that aims to teach young people critical and individual thought. The program is internationally recognized by many countries, from across the globe. It is an alternative to standard high school diploma programs such as the A-Levels or the elective advanced class programs. 

As time goes by, many schools in Singapore are making the switch. Some schools have been integrated with the IBDP in Singapore so, in this article, we would be sharing what makes this International Baccalaureate program and education so special, and the reasons why it would be the perfect program of choice for you. If you are a parent reading this, then why IB education is perfect for your kids.

1. The excellence of study

Unlike the A-Level education programs where a young student must master three to five subjects, International Baccalaureate students are only required to take and study courses from a specific six subject choices. These are language and literature, humanities and philosophy, sciences and knowledge, and math and computation. The structure and curriculum of the IB education program aim to develop breadth, excellence, depth, critical thinking, and understanding.

2. Experimental and cognitive learning

International Baccalaureate students are encouraged to participate in subjects and courses that spark their creativity and experimental selves. The purpose of this factor is to push and allow young students to learn and figure things out through their experiences and take conscious actions. Young students do pursue their interests, passion, and skills through doing projects, joining clubs, engaging with community service, playing sports, and doing other co-curricular activities. This program of International Baccalaureate helps mould young students into being well-rounded, inspired, creative individuals for society.

3. Freedom of expression and learning

International Baccalaureate students are being encouraged to create bonds and art between all of the things they figure out and learn, then also follow their own personal instincts. These connections could be made between everything that has been taught in a science subject and something that could happen in the real world such as out on the basketball court. We are talking about physics applications, this real-world connection could then be transformed into a personal case study, such as How to Shoot Hoops with the Perfect Projectile. International Baccalaureate students are given this kind of freedom to create studies by seeking out what sparks their interests and what inspires them as young individuals.

4. Research writing skills

The International Baccalaureate’s Extended Essay subject and the Theory of Knowledge class are two major elements of the IB Diploma or IBDP in Singapore. These two components of International Baccalaureate do require young students to develop advanced, skilled, and independent research writing and management skills. These two are important for any young student aiming to go for a higher learning course or those who want to succeed in their soon-to-be future careers.

5. Individualism

The International Baccalaureate classroom setting has a feature of discussion and promotes two-way and healthy communication between professors and young students. Every student of the class or subject is encouraged to stand up, speak up, and voice out their views and opinions. This specific style of mentoring creates able students capable of their own original and individual thought, who would be confident enough in their personal perspectives, but would also be willing to listen, understand and be presented by facts and opinions of others.

6. Global advantage and edge

The International Baccalaureate Diploma or IBDP in Singapore is internationally acknowledged. The program is offered by almost 160 countries world-wide and recognized by educational institutions, colleges, learning centres, and universities from almost a hundred countries. These include illustrious universities from the United States of America, such as the Ivy League schools of Harvard, Brown, Yale, MIT, and Stanford. The International Baccalaureate educational curriculum also encourages young students to be proactive, outward-facing, creative, and culturally mature, so they would be ready to face the world as proper and decent individuals.

7. There is always a challenge

Having challenges is always academically inspiring and rigorous. The International Baccalaureate education is stimulating students, inspiring minds, and allows young minds to excel and figure out what they could do, what they are capable of achieving. For those young students who would choose to try and challenge themselves, International Baccalaureate education is going to be very rewarding. Those students finish with a top-notch skill set and a high level of assertiveness and confidence that will propel them forward for the whole time they would spend on the industry they would choose.

8. Teaches how to manage time and resources

The key and answer to a great independent educational habit is organization and time management. This specific skill is taught and picked up by International Baccalaureate students instinctively. The International Baccalaureate curriculum has established good study patterns habits, setting specific schedules for tasks, assignments, allowing time and revision and edits, ultimately, resisting distractions. Those young students who do master these important skills would be already one step ahead of those who did not receive an International Baccalaureate education.

9. There would be personal development and growth

Being open to life and realty’s multiple truths and perspectives, learning how to articulate and voice out your views and opinions, striking the perfect balance between academic work with extracurricular activities, learning and figuring things out through experience, finding and organizing your own work: the specific level of personal development and growth that International Baccalaureate young students achieve and accomplish is the sole reason to be choosing the International Baccalaureate education program.

Why Choose International Baccalaureate?

The International Baccalaureate Diploma or IBDP in Singapore is a global qualification for young students who are looking for a wide, inspiring, and challenging educational curriculum that helps them grow and develop all the skill sets they need to succeed not just in the university but also in life.

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