How To Prepare Your House for a Quick Sale

Getting your house on the market so it sells quickly doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little bit of time and attention focused on the most important areas, your home can look amazing when the for-sale sign ends up in your yard. Here are some ideas to get your house prepared to put on the market.


One of the quickest ways to freshen up a home is by coating it with new paint. You can choose neutral colors so any potential buyers can imagine their own favorite shades splashed on the walls. Hire residential painting Louisville to save yourself some time to tackle other projects that need to be done.

Increase the Curb Appeal

If someone pulls up to a house with an overgrown yard, a cracked door frame and wilted plants, it can be a major turnoff. Some easy improvements include washing the mailbox, cleaning or painting the front door, replacing your welcome mat, dusting off cobwebs, trimming the bushes and putting a pretty plant near the door. Make it look as welcoming as possible to the people coming to view your house so they can imagine they’re stepping inside their new home.

Organize and Declutter

Serious home buyers want to check everything in the houses they come to look at. Make sure you’ve removed personalized objects, organized closets and drawers and cleaned out your refrigerator. You want your house to look like no one is living there at the moment so the potential new owner can picture themselves in it as clearly as possible.

If you know you’re going to be putting your house up for sale in the near future, begin making these small improvements now so you’re ready to go when the showings start. Without the stress of preparing your current house, you’ll have time to search for your next home.