How To Get Started With Obedience Training?

Obedience training is the best gift you can give yourself, your family, and your pet. The love and joy that come when a new pet joins your family are immense. Pet parents want the best for their canine companion. But nasty behaviour from your pet can ruin the relationship that you and your pet have. That’s where getting started with obedience training becomes important. Obedience training will teach your canine companion to behave better and be safe in the process. The earlier you teach your TOY POODLE PUPPIES to behave better for you. But it’s never too late to teach a canine companion to behave. This article provides information on how to get started with obedience training.

Experts recommend that you start training your pet during its first three months of life. Puppies will quickly adapt to their environment because they are fast learners. A dog becomes aggressive and fearful when he’s not trained to behave at a younger age. Exposing your puppy to as many new places, people, and animals as possible is important during this stage. You should start with the basic commands of behaviour during the early ages of his life. Here are some of the basic commands you need to teach your canine companion during the obedience training sessions.

The “sit” command is the easiest behaviour training in dog training. It acts as the foundation for other dog training techniques. First, you hold a treat in your hand and kneel in front of the pet. Place the treat near your pet’s nose and raise the hand upward. Now command the pet to sit and as it sits down, say “Sit.” If the pet tries to raise the head to grab the treat, use your other hand and guide him to a sitting position. When your pet follows the “sit” command, give the treat and praise him. You need to repeat this command several times a day until he is comfortable with the command and obeys it.

The “STAY” Command

This is another important command to teach your dog to behave properly. The “stay” command teaches your dog self-control. The first step in teaching this command is to tell the pet to sit. Open your palm and place it in front of the dog and say “STAY.” When the dog obeys your command, give the treat and praise it. Each time you train the dog, increase the number of steps you take. Make sure you reward the pet with a treat for staying – even if it is for a short time in the beginning. 

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