How To Choose Hay To Feed Your Cattle

If you have cattle and livestock on your property, then feeding them is one of the most important considerations you have to think about. It is also going to be one of the most expensive things for you about running a farm business. Choosing good quality hay to feed your cattle is important and this post talks about how you can make sure yours is.

It Should Be Green In Colour

This is such an important trait. Anyone who wants to know what’s the difference between hay and straw will immediately get it because while straw is brown, high-quality hay will be green. That is the main difference between straw and hay.

You must choose to buy green-colored hay because your cattle will be feeding on it and you want them to get nutritious feeds at all times. This way you can be assured that what your cattle are feeding on is high in nutrition and therefore good for them.

Undoubtedly, experienced farmers will know that the color is what makes it easier for them to identify substandard hay. When the hay is brownish, you can be assured that it will not be of very good quality. So go ahead and look for green-colored hay.

It Should Smell Good

Another way you can choose hay is to smell it to find out how it smells. If it is a nice-smelling one, then you can be assured that it is good. Sometimes, smelling the bales of hay before buying is not possible. Ask the seller to open it for you and take a whiff. If it smells good, then the quality will be fine.

If the smell is not good and you don’t like it, chances are that your animals will also not like it. So you can’t expect them to eat it. The smell is a good indicator of the quality of hay and therefore using it to choose hay is a good idea.

Hay Needs Can Change

Choosing good quality hay for your cattle and livestock is not only important for nutrition, but you should also pay attention to the fact that hay needs can change. Buying hay depending on the needs of your cattle is something good farmers do and you should do so as well.

If you have ewes and they have given birth and are nursing their little lambs, their nutritional needs are going to be high. So choose second or third cutting of hay for them. If the ewes are pregnant and gestating, their nutritional needs are not going to be so high and they are going to be okay with the first cutting of hay.

Choose likewise.

To Wrap Up

Knowing what’s the difference between hay and straw is going to ensure that you can choose the best food for your cattle. This will mean that they grow up to be healthy and strong, which is good for your business.