How Can Aircon General Servicing Save You Money In The Long Run

It is not surprising to see homes with air conditioning units in a tropical country like Singapore. After all, it provides refuge during the scorching summer heat, making our skin slick and sticky with sweat. It is also not uncommon to see a bunch of aircon cleaning services in the country.

Regular aircon servicing and cleaning in Singapore is crucial to the upkeep of our equipment. However, its high upfront cost drives people away and choose to clean their aircon by themselves or never clean it at all.

But did you know that the upfront cost of aircon general servicing pales to the money you can save by maintaining your unit in the long run?

4 Ways You Can Save Money By Maintaining Your Aircon Clean

Maintenance and repair are part of the ownership cost of the aircon, so homeowners naturally allocate budget for them. But some people skip this part of owning an air conditioning unit.

Here are the ways you can save money from aircon general servicing:

1. Reduces your energy bill

Many homeowners opt for energy-efficient aircon units to reduce their energy consumption. But did you know there is another way you can save electricity?

Air conditioners have a component called an air filter. Its job is to trap dust, danders, and other particles in the air as it passes through the filter. Over time, the dust buildup will cover the entire filter.

This dust buildup interrupts the smooth airflow inside the aircon by blocking the air from passing through the filter. Obviously, the impeded airflow affects the performance of your aircon unit. It blows air weakly and takes a longer time to cool the room.

The aircon unit consumes more electricity to ramp up its performance and compensate for the performance issues, increasing your energy bill.

Who knew that replacing your dirty air filter with a new one and conducting a regular aircon cleaning can reduce your electricity bill?

2. Avoids aircon repair costs in Singapore

There are many reasons why air conditioning units break down. It could be a leaky refrigerant that absorbs the heat and cools the air. An aircon with a leaky refrigerant produces warm air.

Dirty aircon filters also cause your unit to break. As stated, dust buildup in filters impedes airflow, trapping the cold air inside the unit. It results in freezing the other components inside your aircon like the coils, resulting in quick wearing.

Replacing your dirty air filters as part of the aircon cleaning prevents your unit breakdown due to frozen components.

In addition to avoiding frozen coils, aircon general servicing also does a comprehensive checkup on your unit. For example, aircon chemical wash requires disassembling the components of your aircon. Besides cleaning each part, the technicians also inspect them for damage. If they see that your refrigerant has the potential to leak or your coils are frozen, they can conduct preventive measures.

The aircon repair costs for minor issues in Singapore are much lower than a major overhaul. Cleaning and inspecting your AC will save you money in the long run!

3. Extends the longevity of your air conditioning unit

People say you can save more money on an expensive product that lasts a decade than a cheap one that only lasts a couple of years.

But you don’t have to buy an expensive air conditioning unit to reap the benefits of longevity. Proper usage and regular maintenance are the tricks.

The first is proper usage. Improper usage of your AC, such as using them whilst encouraging heat buildup and ignoring signs of broken aircon, such as putrid smell and leaks, wears out your unit faster.

The second is regular maintenance. Without regular maintenance, aircon cleaning, and preventive measures, your air conditioning unit breaks down more often. Frequent breakdown and subpar patch-ups on your air conditioning unit may result in permanent damage.

Either of these two will force the owner to buy a new unit sooner. Replacing your broken aircon every three years is more expensive than deep yearly aircon cleaning and maintenance of your old unit.

4. Hospitalisation and medication costs


Getting sick is really expensive, and one clever way to avoid tremendously high hospitalisation and medication cost is aircon general servicing.

Here are the health hazards of dirty air conditioning units:

●    Breathing problems due to airborne illnesses

Bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms circulate through the air because of your dirty aircon. How?

These pathogens thrive in the cold and moist dust buildup of your aircon filters and ducts. As they multiply, some of them get blown into the room by your air conditioning units.

People near the vicinity contract airborne diseases by inhaling these pathogens. What are these airborne illnesses?

Common cold, flu, and respiratory syncytial virus are among the respiratory conditions that cause breathing problems. Much worse, these could lead to bronchitis and pneumonia.

You can eradicate these pathogens through regular aircon servicing and cleaning in Singapore.

●    Allergies

Besides bacteria and viruses, the dust buildup in the aircon filter also harbours tons of allergens, such as pet dander, pollen, and mould spores. Some of them are blown into the room, triggering allergic reactions in people nearby.

People may experience sinus congestion and allergic rhinitis due to these allergens. Eradicate the allergens through regular aircon cleaning.

●    Chronic headache and fatigue

Did you know that dirty aircon can also cause chronic headaches and fatigue?

Firstly, prolonged breathing of cold and dry air can dehydrate your body, and dehydration can cause headaches.

Secondly, the mould spores irritate the eyes and respiratory system. It also causes headaches, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue.

Lastly, the quality of the air you breathe affects your immune system. Poor air quality means a weaker defence against flu viruses. Among the symptoms of flu infection are headache, fatigue, body and joint pains, and nausea.

Regular aircon servicing and cleaning in Singapore prevent these health hazards and save you money from hospitalisation and medication.


Don’t be too overwhelmed with the upfront cost of aircon servicing in Singapore because it actually does the opposite! Call your servicing company now!

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