Getting Your House Ready for Storm Season

When you live in a coastal state, your house is barraged by severe storms every year even if you’re miles away from the beach. Here’s what you need to do to get your house ready for the next storm season.

Purchase a Generator

Power outages caused by storms take a long time to resolve, particularly if your area experiences flooding or the outages are widespread. By purchasing a generator, you ensure that you still have access to electricity even if your power goes off. This allows you to turn on your lights, run your air conditioning, power your refrigerator, and charge your devices during a storm. After you buy a generator, make sure to leave plenty of time for its installation; generator set up Edgewater MD is complicated and usually requires professional assistance.

Stock Up on Food and Water

Even if you have a generator, you must have plenty of nonperishable food items because you don’t know when you’ll be able to get to the store next. Canned soups, beans, and vegetables all work well, but dried fruits and nuts are also good options. For water, make sure to have a few gallons on hand for each person and pet. Avoid simply filling up water bottles and leaving them for weeks, since germs can build up. Instead, purchase purified water from your grocery store.

Buy a First Aid Kit

For medical emergencies such as childbirth or a heart attack, you must try to get professional help even in the middle of a storm. However, sometimes you must deal with health emergencies on your own. Invest in a high-quality first aid kit so that you’re prepared to handle any problems that arise when you’re stuck at home.

Storm season lasts for only a few months, but you should spend all year preparing for it.