Four Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding

When it comes to mold manufacturing, the field of plastic injection molding is at the top of its class. Several important industries that are an integral part of today’s society rely heavily on their capabilities. Here are four advantages that they have over other manufacturing methods in their field.

1. Mass Production

Though it can be time-consuming for injection mold builders to create a perfect mold, the actual production process is very quick and efficient. It is a mostly automated process that allows for several parts to be made from one mold. It can make hundreds, if not thousands, of products before the machinery needs to be checked. This significant output rate makes up for the arduous process of the initial design of the mold. 

2. Low Cost

The labor costs of production are very low since manual labor is limited to a few. The automated process only requires an operator to supervise. Along with that, plastic is one of the cheaper materials used for manufacturing.

3. Versatile Range

Plastic injection molding is similar to a jack of all trades. Its versatility in producing a myriad of different products is renowned and acknowledged by industries such as healthcare and automotive. The mold can be highly customized to fit the specific designs of a product. This makes it possible to create products with more specialized parts.

4. Environmental Value

Leftover scraps or material is not unusual in mold manufacturing, but plastic injection molding can regrind and reuse the leftover plastic. Therefore, it usually produces very little waste material. There are also commonly used biodegradable resins that are ideal for items that are only used once. 

Plastic injection molding can initially be a somewhat complex process, but the broad spectrum of day-to-day items it can create more than makes up for it.