Do You Have Problems With Your Plumbing?

The signs of a clogged pipe are evident; it is common to observe that the water does not drain and returns through the toilet or sink, which means it is blocked.

Foul odors also indicate that there are problems because they are unbearable. Sometimes, they are accompanied by animals or insects such as flies, cockroaches, or rats surrounding the pipes. Another sign is the sound of bubbling water that occurs when lines become clogged. But what causes it? Here are the causes of clogged drains or pipes:

  • antiquity;
  • paper;
  • plastics;
  • bags;
  • fruit peels;
  • paints;
  • hair;
  • fats;
  • and soaps;

One of the essential tools to protect the home is the preventive maintenance of pipes and plumbing. It is a method that avoids major expenses if problems such as flooding, sewage system collapse, insects, foul odors, among others that could endanger the health of family members and the home environment, arise.

The task of prevention is essential because you do not want to come home from work and find clogged drains or overflowing pipes. Therefore, plumbing care is used to keep the home clean, proper, and healthy; in general, the procedure is simple, inexpensive, and fast. In less time than you think, the drainage system and water flow will be effectively maintained.

You are requesting the service of a sewer line camera in some section of the drainage of your neighborhood or in some internal area of the lot where your homes or industries are located, with the intention that this process will indicate the condition of the sewer pipes and focus on solving any existing problems.

The sewer line camera process is a diagnostic technique to obtain a thorough examination of the condition of the pipelines. Pipelines generally undergo structural changes, both natural and those generated by the environment. Such as differential settlements, sediment accumulation, internal corrosion from spillage of chemicals foreign to the original purpose, obstruction by foreign objects, or the presence of more significant problems such as leaks, the incursion of tree roots or weeds, breakage of joints, structural failures of pipes due to fractures, changes of slopes in sections of the lines to mention just a few.

The sewer line camera allows you to visualize the inside of machines and installations. A sewer line camera is an ideal tool for maintenance and repair. Thanks to the flexible guidance, low weight, and excellent optics, it is possible to detect weak spots and problem areas quickly and easily at an early stage. This allows you to take targeted preventive measures without the need for costly dismantling first.

The sewer line camera is commonly used by plumbers, residential electrician, security personnel, professionals in all industrial areas, mechatronics engineers, precision mechanics, car mechanics, etc. It is also ideal for the education sector and training centers.

To perform a video inspection, it is recommended that the lines are unclogged, i.e., clean of any obstructions and sludge that prevent obtaining clear images that can reflect the pipe’s current state as the identification of liquids that are poured into the lines. Preliminary desludging is always necessary and a precondition for an efficient and effective diagnosis.

In many cases, if the drainage lines are not cleared, there is a risk of clogging the video inspection cameras, resulting in useless and fruitless work. On the other hand, it is essential to identify hydrocarbons and flammable gases to avoid explosions in areas of high methane concentration.

Not all video inspection cameras meet this requirement, so before performing any work, verify that your equipment can withstand the conditions of inspecting in the presence of methane or flammable liquids, or call an expert to help you in the selection of your equipment.