6 Tips for Solving Sensitive Cases With Your Private Investigator  

You’re in a situation where your dignity and life is at risk. If you’re dealing with these situations: 1) in the middle of a complicated divorce process, 2) unknowingly joined a fraud network, or 3) you need to find out the truth behind an illegal activity, you might need a private investigator in Singapore that can help you unfold what’s happening behind closed doors.

However, it’s helpful to have a realistic expectation of your private investigator. Keep in mind that they’re not like in the movies (example: Sherlock Holmes), who seems like they have special powers to analyse things right away. A private investigator is also a professional with analytical skills and knowledge around the law and the constitution. In reality, private investigators work in a systematic process with the permission of law enforcement.

If you want to hire a private investigator in Singapore, here are some tips for successful cooperation that leads to justice and truth.

Here’s How to Solve Sensitive Cases With Your Private Investigator

Solving sensitive cases involves different individuals and your wellbeing. For sure, you don’t want to go into jail for wrongful accusations. In this unfair world, the rich escape the face of justice because they have money. And if you’re going to fight injustice, you need a reliable private investigator who can support your position and provide concrete evidence. However, it’s not the investigator’s effort alone who can help you achieve justice, and you must also do your part!

Let this section show you how to work with your private investigator when you need to deal with sensitive cases:


1) Prioritise Confidentiality First

If the case involves children like in a divorce process, you should talk with the private investigator to prioritise their confidentiality. Minors should have protection against leaking personal information. With this, speak with your private investigator about the steps to protect the children’s identity and other innocent civilians.

You also have to respect the law regarding personal information, such as bribery and the leak of private information. You can’t pinpoint anyone you assume as a suspect. You have to respect their privacy as you talk with your private investigator.

Although some laws require private investigation to provide information, you should still talk with your private investigator to lessen the damage to the innocent people involved in the case.

2) Be Clear With What You Want to Achieve

Regardless of how complicated the case is, make sure you’re clear about what you want to achieve. If, for instance, you’re working on a company fraud. Tell the private investigator who is the culprit of the scam. Is it an inside job or a hack from external sources? As such, you’ll be able to discover the truth behind this mess.

You can also look for a forensic investigator in Singapore that uses science to discover things through photographs, drawings, fingerprints, or lab tests. With this, you’ll have an accurate outcome that can lead to the actual suspect.

Additionally, don’t forget to consider the legal proceedings during the investigation. With this, you’ll be able to proceed with the process without breaking any law.

3) Talk With Different Witnesses

Since you’re dealing with a sensitive case, you need to be sure with your evidence. To do this, help your private investigator find witnesses for the ongoing case. For instance, your company is dealing with fraud. The private investigator should interview the employees to find out what happened during the scam inside the workplace.

Doing so will help the investigator find out the real culprit because of sufficient information. Remember that you’ll only win the court battle if you present concrete evidence and enough information. Sadly, even if you’re innocent, the law will not believe your statement alone. You need proper evidence to support your claim. One way to do this is to find witnesses for more support.

You can also look for a forensic investigator to support the claim of your witnesses. Through scientific research, you can establish a convincing case in the court that can help you win.

4) Consistent Investigations

As you can see, a private investigator can also solve these cases, including lost family members, stolen property, plagiarism, missing friends, or unfaithful partners. With these cases, the private investigator should be consistent with the investigation because they can’t leave it out in the middle of the process. As they uncover the situation day by day, they should be consistent until they find the answer.

They can help you find what you’re looking for at the end of the road through consistent investigations. Although your private investigator doesn’t have supernatural skills, they can guide you on your case and give solutions to the root cause of your problems.

Additionally, a consistent investigation can also give justice to the oppressed. For instance, a persistent private investigator discovers a company’s shenanigans that exploit their employees. As such, authorities will take action and help the victims.

5) Analysing the Evidence

After gathering evidence, you should analyse it with your private and a forensic investigator. Since you know more about the whole case, guide the investigator to which evidence seems fit to your conclusion. As such, you’ll be able to bring convincing findings to the court battler. Keep in mind that the judge will believe in concrete evidence with proper support. The law is sceptical with hearsay and personal judgement without research evidence.

That’s why before you present the evidence as to facts, make sure you’re confident about the statements, photos, documentation, or even recordings. Finally, remember that this evidence will help you achieve the justice you deserve.

6) Professional Advice

Finally, working with a forensic or private investigator will open you to professional advice. With this, you’ll have a better idea of handling the situation. You’ll also know the right words to say during your court battle. Since you’re managing a sensitive case, their guidance will make you more prudent while dealing with complicated situations.

If you want to hire a private investigator from the CDiC Consultant, make sure to remember these tips to have a successful outcome. Visit their website to know how they can help you.