5 Benefits of Having Explosion and Flame Proof Light

You may not see explosion proof lighting in residential areas, but they are necessary for industrial buildings and factories. If these buildings have to work with hazardous materials or gases, these lights are a safety measure to ensure that your employees can work safely. Here are five more advantages of having explosion proof and flame proof light.

1. There are several options for every location.

You can find several explosion proof light options to make any location safe. For example, you can install explosion proof LED high bay lighting in your company’s factory or assembly plant. These buildings usually have a ceiling over 20 feet high for safety purposes, so high bay lighting is often necessary as general lighting. Airports and outdoor areas also use them, so one type of explosion proof light already offers flexibility.

2. They are durable.

Explosion proof LED light fixtures are also safe from other types of disasters or just a harsh working environment. This strength comes from the materials used to make these light fixtures explosion proof in the first place. Because its durability makes it long-lasting, you’ll also save plenty of money you would have spent on standard lighting maintenance.

3. They are eco-friendly.

Because flame proof light uses LED, they are more eco-friendly than standard fluorescent lights and other types of light. LED lights avoid the usage of mercury or lead, which are harmful to both people and the environment. If you want your business to be more environmentally-conscious, consider getting explosion proof LED light fixtures for your industrial buildings.

4. They offer energy and financial efficiency.

Explosion proof LED light fixtures use 90% less energy than standard lighting fixtures. This efficiency extends their lifespan exponentially, preventing the need to replace them for another several years. Not only is this good for the environment by consuming less energy, but it also saves you plenty of costs in the long run.

5. It provides higher lumen output.

Lumen is the measure of the brightness strength in a lightbulb. One might think that because it consumes so little energy, explosion proof LED light fixtures probably have a weak lumen output. But in fact, LED is known for its low energy usage and high lumen output ratio. With these lights, your employees can safely work in sufficient lighting for less cost.

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