4 Ways To Relieve Joint Pain

Whether due to age, disease or condition, joint pain affects millions of Americans. You yourself may be suffering from chronic joint pain or know a loved one who does. The good news is that there are various allopathic as well as homeopathic alternatives you can try to relieve joint pain.

Regenerative Medicine

One of the more novel options is regenerative medicine Jacksonville FL. With steroid injections or hyaluronic acid joint lubrication, people with joint pain now face many new options for treatment.

Stem cell therapies may be another possible avenue for some, as stem cells can be injected to help support joint repair. Radiofrequency procedure is another lesser-known alternative option in which a radiofrequency needle sends an electrical current to specific nerves that cause pain.

Weight Loss

The Arthritis Foundation also notes there are several other natural remedies to help with arthritic pain. Exercises like yoga or tai chi may help too. Weight loss overall, which would lessen the burden on your joints, especially the hips and knees, can help as well.

Smooth, controlled, flowing movements like in yoga, pilates or tai chi can help make sure you get your exercise without any unnecessary, undue stress or burden on your joints. Be sure to consult with your doctor first before attempting any new exercises or weight loss regimens.

Temperature Compresses

Compresses are a common and popular at-home remedy that especially athletes often employ. It works best if you alternate between hot and cold therapies. Heat can be especially helpful in the mornings. You can warm up your joints with warm running water, a hot moist towel, heating pad or electric blanket.

Then after a long day, you can relieve any joint pain or swelling with cold compresses by using ice packs or a frozen bag of peas to reduce inflammation.

Acupuncture Alternative

More and more people are exploring acupuncture as a way to manage their pain, whether headache, migraine or joint pain. The pressure from a needle tip or point is said to help restore balance and energy levels by also clearing any clogged systems.

You want to be sure to find an expert acupuncturist; therefore, do your research to find a professional you trust. Do not be afraid to visit multiple offices for pain consultations and initial evaluations, and take your time to ask questions.

These are just four alternative options for managing your joint pain. Try one or two to see which ones agree with you so you can lead a pain-free life.