4 Ways Teens Benefit From Wrestling


If you have children that are quickly approaching adolescence, you may have some concerns regarding which activities they should be involved in as they grow older. After all, kids’ extracurricular activities may have a big impact on their worldviews and future professional pursuits. One sport that may set your child up for success is wrestling. Consider four advantages Oregon wrestling schools offer teens.

  1. Working Towards a Goal

Wrestlers learn to be highly self-motivated and disciplined. This is largely because athletes must carefully manage their weight and participate in intense training. Adhering to these routines and best practices may help your child continue to be goal-oriented in the future.

  1. Gaining Practical Skills

While many sports give students abilities that only apply on the field or court, wrestling equips teens with real-life self-defense skills. This knowledge may help kids better look out for themselves and others if they are ever faced with a dangerous situation.

  1. Being Part of a Team

Although wrestlers compete one on one, participants still learn valuable things about working alongside others. Namely, students become familiar with the feelings that stem from success and failure. This helps adolescents to not give up in the face of challenges and to support others in their successes.

  1. Developing Healthy Habits

Finally, wrestling is an active sport that encourages athletes to continue carrying out a healthy lifestyle for years to come. Wrestlers know how to eat well, manage their weight, and complete strenuous workouts.

Many parents may be a bit wary of allowing their child to join a wrestling team. While wrestling may seemingly promote aggression at times, it gives kids the experience and knowledge they need to reach their full potential in various areas of life. What appears to be a simple after-school activity may soon become an enduring life lesson.