3 Tips for Seniors to Beat the Heat

When it comes to hot summertime weather, even Denver is not immune to the heat. Keeping safe when the temperatures soar should be a priority for every senior, especially in a dry climate where dehydration can sneak up on you. here are three smart suggestions to stay comfortable and healthy during the dog days of summer.

Stay Indoors

It seems obvious to stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning when the outside is sweltering, but keep in mind that some seniors are not as able to regulate their body temperature as they could when they were younger. You or your loved one may want to venture out in the morning hours before the sun is directly overhead, and then go back inside from around mid-morning to late afternoon, when the day is at its hottest. You can even close the shades to keep your room cool.

Have a Drink 

Staying hydrated is perhaps the most important thing you can do in the summer months, yet seniors are not always keen on drinking plain water. You may want to mix it up with sports drinks, popsicles, or other beverages with refreshing flavors. Try to avoid both caffeine and alcohol, both of which can be dehydrating. Juicy fruit with a high water content, such as peaches or watermelon, can also do the trick.

Take a Dip

Does your independent living Denver residence have an indoor or outdoor pool? Enjoy splashing around in cooler waters when you get hot under the collar. You may also opt for a lukewarm shower or tepid soaking bath to return to a comfortable state. At the very least, a cool damp cloth on the back of your neck can make you feel more like yourself.

The best part about living in Denver is that you know the hot summer temps are, well, temporary. Be sure to take care of yourself to avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke until you can once again enjoy the beautiful (and cooler) weather.