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3 Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Quick Sale

Selling your house can be a process. From initial listing to final closing, it can take months to complete. One way to expedite this is by taking the time to go through your house and getting it ready to sell before listing it. By making small touch-ups, depersonalizing your space and improving your home’s night aesthetics, you can ensure a quicker sale.

Small Touch-Ups

Most people, when buying a home, don’t want a fixer-upper. When a person looks at your house, do they see a project or a forever home? Small fixes like updating paint where it is worn, replacing old outlets or upgrading your doors will give a fresh look to your home and bring it to a ready-to-move-in state. These details help buyers start seeing what their future could be if they buy your house.


After living in your home for a while, numerous details reflect the life you and your family made there. However, these details can make it harder for new buyers to picture themselves in your house. Take the time to go through and scale back some of the more personal touches to help potential buyers start to see themselves at home too. The process of depersonalizing your house is a great way to sell it faster.

Improved Night Views

When you think of selling your house, you think of how it looks during the day when you are hosting an open house or tour. However, many buyers take the time to check out the property at night and get a better feel for the place and the neighborhood. Use this information to your advantage by investing in landscape lighting Delray Beach to make your home truly stand out no matter the time of day.

By taking a few steps before listing your home, you can ensure a quick and easy sale.