3 Important Tasks of Residential Apartment Building Managers

If you have ever lived in an apartment, you know how important having a caring, responsive manager is. The ease or difficulty of residents’ lives revolves around how apartment managers approach their duties. Here are three important tasks of residential apartment building managers.


Managers handle the daily operations of residential apartment buildings. They are the go-to people for residents in every situation including:

  • Maintenance problems
  • Neighbor issues
  • Other complaints

Furthermore, if tenants have violated their leases, managers must handle those situations as well, including starting eviction proceedings. Effective managers are proactive in their work, and many keep contact information for responsible professionals close at hand, including industrial pump and motor repair NY.


Apartment building managers handle a variety of interactions and events regarding apartment life, including:

  • Tenant group meetings
  • Showing apartments to potential renters
  • Property inspections
  • Hiring maintenance professionals

This particular job requires a lot of time and effort, including hours in the evenings and possibly on holidays, since emergencies can happen anytime. A successful manager is a skilled communicator who stays calm under pressure.

Legal Responsibilities

Those who oversee apartment buildings must abide by specific tenets and laws at every level. For example, unless a building is designated for a specific age group, such as seniors, managers cannot discriminate against potential tenants for age, or for disability, gender, color, race, sexual orientation, or religion. The focus of an efficacious manager is to lease units to people willing to abide by their leases. Other responsibilities include making sure the building complies with rules at every level, from local requirements up to federal ADA laws to allow easy access for everyone.

Managers of residential apartment facilities must be able to wear many hats. They need to notice details, be proactive, and appreciate the differences that make their tenants so interesting. They also must respect those tenants and see to their needs. A good manager can help an apartment building earn a good reputation and thrive.