3 Great Finds at Thrift Stores

There are plenty of great bargains that can be found at thrift stores. Clothing, furniture and other items can be purchased at low prices and enjoyed for years. When it comes to finding household items, thrift shops can be fantastic places to go to find unique items that give character to a room.

  1. Wall Decor

Thrift shops offer up a plethora of pictures, mirrors and other wall hangings, so no matter what someone’s taste in art is, they should be able to find something they want. Because the items are inexpensive, buying one to fix up later is a cost-effective way to decorate a house. Paintings can be reframed, and mirrors can be polished to look like new. Even something like stained glass can be repaired by someone who specializes in restoring stained glass Champaign IL and hung up as a beautiful centerpiece to a room.

  1. Lamps

Antique and vintage lamps can add personality to a room without overpowering the décor. The internal workings of lamps are generally not complicated, and they can work for decades without any problems. Do not worry if a lamp does not work, it can be repaired easily and without excessive cost.

  1. Books

Many people like to have books out on end tables or coffee tables for guests to look at. The books can be purchased intentionally to match the theme of the room and serve completely as decorative objects. Books at thrift shops are often sold cheaply and can be purchased in bulk to fill up shelves in a bookcase or library. Anyone who loves books and wants to purchase things they will read will find a treasure trove of items at many thrift shops.

It can be tempting to only purchase new items for a home. However, buying secondhand items can be a great way to save money and find unique objects.