3 Common Mistakes People Make During Digital Signing

In this digital age, everyone must have a secure electronic signature ready for any online document signing. But despite its popularity, many people still make mistakes when handling electronic signatures, especially those unfamiliar with computers.

Here are the common mistakes people make with an electronic signature:

MISTAKE #1: It does not meet the legal requirements

Electronic signatures are accepted in many countries as long as they meet legal requirements. Contrary to the belief of many, you cannot use an electronic signature you produce through Photoshop or any photo editor that can be used to remove the background from a scanned signature.

To have a secure electronic signature, one must find a software or digital signature solution that enables secure and safe digital signature procedures. But what is the difference between self-produced e-signature and those from a digital signature solution?

For one, these services incorporate security encryption into your digital signature. This encryption contains information, such as the signer’s name, place of origin, and more. Your digital signature is verified by cross-checking these data.

Many countries require e-signatures that adequately identify the signee and indicate their approval. Photoshopped photos lack security encryptions; therefore, they cannot be verified.

MISTAKE #2: Choosing a digital signature solution that is not secure

Subscribing to a digital signature solution will make your digital paper signing valid, but it does not end with it. You should find a secure and trustworthy digital signature solution first.

There are several consequences when you choose one that lacks security. First, your signed documents can easily be tampered with. Second, it will be difficult to authenticate the e-signatures of other people. In this day and age, having a secure and trustworthy digital signature solution is crucial in document management.

MISTAKE #3: Choosing a digital signature solution that does not update

Why do software and apps update frequently? Besides improving their software, adding more features, and eliminating bugs, they update to ensure their software and apps are cyber attack-proof.

Remember, cyberattacks become more sophisticated as time goes by. Hackers may find loopholes in old cybersecurity defences and take advantage of them.

If you don’t want other people to gain access to your signature and use them without your permission, you need to find a digital signature solution that updates frequently. It will ensure that your signature and signed documents are protected.

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