Why is Encouraging Your Child to Join A Hackathon a Good Idea?

Parenting is considered one of the most difficult jobs in the world and even after years of having and caring for children, parents are still in the learning process. Though every parent wants to raise their children in a way that prepares them to live fulfilled, happy, productive lives, there is no formal manual on how to do it. As a result, they ask for advice from the elderly, including their parents, but sometimes it is not even enough to be a 100% hands-on parent. In their education years alone, it is a challenging time that could either help them develop helpful or harmful habits. However, you must never forget that the future academic success of your child can be directly attributed to home teachings. From the start, you must assess their likes and dislikes. It would be helpful in the future if they pursue their liking of coding, and eventually join hackathons in Singapore!

In this article, you will learn why encouraging your child to join competitions, like hackathons, can contribute to their bright future.

What are Hackathons?

The word hackathon is a combination of the words “hack” and “marathon” where hack stands for experimental, creative problem solving with a playful approach and marathon stands for the duration of the event. Usually lasting a day-long or 36 hours, it is a coding competition where software programmers, developers, and designers come together to build and design something new and original. From anything that is a website, a web app, an Android/iOS App, Chrome extension, anyone can join if they want to do a program. In these competitions, prizes are significantly big, but the experience that a participant will get is unparalleled!

If you have a child who is interested in STEM subjects, this is what can inspire their curious minds! You will never know, it might be the event that will encourage their entrepreneurial mindset, creativity, and sense of teamwork.

Why Should Your Child Join Hackathons?

Technology is everywhere and one of the most promising new technologies today and in the future. Teaching your children how to code in an engaging and fun way will make them successful digital citizens. Hence, if you should see a hackathon at a robotics competition for kids, your child will be:

  1. Be part of innovation

As an increasingly popular event in recent years, hackathons have been called the modern tool for innovation. It aims to find solutions for complex problems, products, and services. Thus, it requires a creative mind to be experimental when coming up with new ways to solve these problems. Your child may be one of those people who have a creative mind! Letting them participate in being one of the people who developed innovative solutions today and in the future can also lead them to a remarkable company. Some companies favour and sometimes start recruiting young interns who have experience in joining hackathons because they know they have exceptional skills. Your child might be one of them!

  1. Learn the sense of community

Being with like-minded people for about 24 to 48 hours to come up with solutions to a presented problem, your child will learn the importance of being in a community. Here, they will understand their role in society! The opportunity to connect with different people will help them reach their goals of having a career in coding. More importantly, a child who has a sense of community will give them feelings of belonging that would later enable them to trust and grow with a thriving group of people.

  1. Engage with different talented children

Hackathons come closest to testing a candidate’s capabilities in handling challenges, whether at school or later in the workplace. Once your child knows that they are capable of doing challenging tasks in hackathons, they would be able to engage with the right people. Conversations help children express their thoughts, get what they need, resolve conflicts, and ask for help. Learning this at a young age would help develop a high level of emotional intelligence which allows them to handle interpersonal relationships. Despite what many parents think, this type of intelligence is essential if you want your children to avoid becoming a hermit despite their talents. Hence, yes, you can trust that a coding or robotics competition for kids can give them that development!

  1. A bright future

One might say that learning to code will become one of the required skills for the future and virtually every work position would require some extent of knowledge in programming languages. Coding for kids, not only provides an opportunity for them to teach coding, but it also teaches them the vital technology skills that a child needs to move forward and help them develop additional skills integral to their future such as logical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills.

Hackathons at Roboto Coding Academy

Nothing is a better learning environment other than being surrounded by people who have the same passion for learning as you. In this situation, you must find your child a safe place or institution where they can learn their desired skills Here, in Roboto Coding Academy, your child will meet new people with like-minded passions. They always hold an annual coding competition in Singapore so that they can attract talented children who want to enter this type of industry, and your child might be one of them!

Opportunities like hackathons only come in rare times, so you must take advantage of them! If you want your child to further expand and develop their liking for coding and its future, enrolling them in the academy may be the best for them.

You can learn more about the coding courses they have for children on their website. Contact them today so you can encourage your child to expand his knowledge under the care of these coding experts!