Who Can Purchase Drone Footage?

Drone images continue to attract all kinds of people. Already very popular in the context of personal events such as weddings, drone photography is a real asset for companies. Today we are going to show you who can buy drone footage. Besides, there are several trustworthy sites that sell drone footage online.

Drone Footage for Professionals

The scope of application of aerial drone photography can cover many fields, as this device can be used to meet many needs. For instance, it is made for individuals who want to immortalize a family event such as a family reunion, a wedding, a birthday or even a retirement. It is also very useful for associations and communities who wish to promote their heritage, highlight a monument or a site, or who simply wish to keep a souvenir of a sporting or even cultural event or activity. Drone photography can therefore offer a wide variety of services. By the way, the best place to sell drone footage is a website like HOsiHO.

As for the professional sector, drone photography is in demand in several sectors such as construction, industry, commerce, agriculture, artistic image, architecture, insurance, tourism, public works. It is even very useful for the real estate sector to monitor a site, the development of property, etc. Finally, the drone allows easy access to places which are inaccessible or too dangerous for humans. We can mention mountains, peaks, etc. A drone also makes it possible to take pictures in highly regulated areas such as in built-up areas or an airport. For these latter cases, it is obviously necessary to have the authorizations of the departments concerned.

Why Ask for the Intervention of Professionals for your Drone Footage?

Drone pilots use very sophisticated equipment. The drones can be equipped with very high-definition cameras which are mounted on nacelles ensuring perfect stability of the images. As for the GPS, it allows you to indicate to the drone a precise route, to take 360 ​​° shots without vibrations and fluids, or to follow a subject. Note that the image can be viewed on the control screen.

Apart from taking pictures and piloting the drone, the work of a professional does not stop there. Once the photos and videos are taken, there is still the production, retouching and editing that must be done. Depending on what you want, the expert will adapt to your requirements and needs. They will use the latest techniques and his know-how to crop, retouch or assemble images for video editing. They can add other images, sounds or voices and texts to provide an irreproachable work. A professional is therefore essential to have a unique and perfect result.