What to Expect on Your Home Renovation Process?

 Plenty of homeowners take the new year as an opportunity to get home renovation packages in Singapore. Usually, January is the time that they realise that they want to welcome a positive change in the new chapter of their life. Nothing is more positive than remodelling your home for a new look!

A home renovation does not mean that you have to change or remodel your whole house. You can also get their service for a bedroom renovation or getting a new kitchen design. Either way, it is a major step that can make homeowners alert because they do not want workers making a mistake on the whole construction process. If you are the type that aims for perfection, you must know the before, during, and after the process of your expected renovation.

Here, you will learn the processes that you will experience before you get to see the home renovation of what you imagined in your head! Let this serve as your guide.

Before the Renovation

You must already know that home renovations take plenty of time in preparation. There would be plenty of planning, talking to different people, cleaning your home, among many other things! Here’s what you can expect from the before phase of the renovation:

  1. Project planning

At this time, you would be doing plenty of project planning. It may be on your own at first or with the help of a condo interior designer. Either way, you should bring all your ideas to the table so your contractors see what you want to happen.

  1. Budgeting

A home renovation would not be possible without a budget. Depending on which part of your house that you want to be remodelled, you should have set a budget that can make it possible for you. If you don’t know how to craft a budget plan, you should wait until you find a contractor since they can give you a free quotation.

  1. Finding a reliable contractor

There are plenty of renovation contractors in Singapore, but you could only find a few who can match your plans. Thankfully, there are websites today that can help you find a match that is based on your requirements! Make use of these to help you out.

During the Renovation

With the guidance of your contractor, or what you have discussed with them, you should also know what to do during the renovation process. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Regular monitoring

Contractors will encourage you to check-in with your home renovation. It is better that you detect problems during the process instead of regretting what you did not ask when they finished your project. Thus, visit the site regularly!

  1. Communicate clearly

You wouldn’t be the only one with questions about your kitchen design or other renovation aspects. Ensure that you are easy to contact because your contractor will want you to get in the loop with the process.

After the Renovation

You must be glad the process is over, but there are things that you still have to do, such as:

  1. Organise receipts

Receipts are proof for your contractors because it is their way of letting you know about the cost of your renovation. Keep and organise them so you can ensure that all of the budgets went accordingly.

  1. The clean-up

Although tiring, cleaning up your new designed place could be fun! Be mindful of delicate areas to avoid accidents.

Safety Tips for Your Home Renovation

Exposure to construction sites gives you more odds of getting into an accident since you are vulnerable to heavy equipment and materials, such as metals and hollow blocks. To keep you and your family safe when you come and visit how the construction is going, you should follow and take note of these tips:

  1. Wear the right clothing

You would want to avoid exposing skin during your site visit. Remember that it could only take one graze of a sharp edge of metal can puncture your skin and leave you with a scar. As much as possible, you should wear clothes that keep your body covered from head to toe, such as long pants, long sleeve shirts, and closed-toed shoes.

  1. Bring your earplugs

The sound of drills, generators, among other heavy-duty equipment during renovation can overwhelm your ears. Hence, you should bring your trusted earplugs or noise-reducing headphones to keep the excess noise at a minimum.

  1. Don’t forget your goggles

Debris and particles from drills, excavation tools, sawing, among others can send them flying in the air and get into your eyes. To avoid that, you should not forget to wear your goggles or glasses during the renovation visit. These will help protect your sensitive eyes!

  1. Talk with your contractors in a safe space

You may have some questions about the progress of your home renovation project. Take a mental note of them so you can ask your contractors, your hired engineer and architect, later when you are all in a safe space. There, you are away from the noise of the equipment and you could focus on the discussion.

  1. Keep children and pets away from the site

If you are heading to another place but want to take a look at the progress of your home renovation, you should keep your children and pets inside the car when you get there. It would be hard to keep an eye on them when you are observing or checking the progress.

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