What to Consider Before Building a Workshop

Planning permission is essential before you begin any type of construction work on your home or prepare for air compressor installation Jacksonville FL. If you are building a new workshop in the UK you will need planning permission. You can get planning permission for almost anything in the UK, including workshops. It is necessary to get planning permission if you plan to make changes to your home in any way.

Consider the Type of Work You Will Be Doing

Before you start building your workshop consider what types of works you will be doing and how the workshop will fit in with the rest of your home. There are many different works which you can do around your home such as woodworking, painting or wallpapering. If you intend doing any of these works then you will need extra insulation in places like the roof. If your roof is flat and has no sides then you will need to add insulation to the roof. If your roof has sides then you will need to build in extra insulation to those places where you don’t want moisture to enter your workshop.

Wood to Use for the Walls

You will also need to consider the types of wood you want to use for your walls. There are many different woods that can be used for your walls. The cheapest is pine but if you want it to look nice then I would suggest using oak or walnut. A lot of people who have wooden frame homes don’t bother about the interior so they just build the exterior walls. The exterior walls are easily made using plywood and lumber. Lumber that has been treated with a water-based resin will last longer than untreated wood.

Add the Roof

After you have your walls framed you will want to add joists, rafters and roofing. Level the work area before you add the roofing. If you don’t have a flat ground floor then put a level surface beneath the work area. The easiest way to level a work area is by setting a piece of level plywood on the floor and scuffing it up until the ground floor is level.


Once you have the walls and roof framing in place you can begin installing the accessories to your workshop. Most people don’t realize how much DIY work goes into having a workshop. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, hire a handyman to get the job done for you. If you plan to move your workshop around, then you may want to consider buying all-terrain wheels so you can transport your workshops to different locations.