What They Do in Coding Programs for Kids?

As a parent, it is okay to spend many hours thinking about the future of your kid. Some of the questions that you might ask yourself are, “what can I do to ensure a bright future for him or her?” “Is the future that I want for them is the same future that they want?” These are valid questions, and you should never be ashamed to be thinking about them before you even enrol them in preschool. With their future in mind, you must also be thinking about different fields that they would be interested in so you will know institutions that can guarantee them a direct school admission in Singapore. One of the fields that you might be thinking about is coding. If you’ve seen your kid is fond of playing computer games, this is the usual field that a parent would think about. But, imagining your kid in coding classes at such a young age might be difficult for you. Well, you can read the rest of this article to know all about what they would do in a coding class in Singapore.

What is coding?

To familiarise yourself in this field, you must know what coding means first. Coding, essentially, is a method of giving computer instructions to perform specific tasks. They are also referred to as software programming or computer programming.

A computer’s programming language is unique, and learning them is considered as learning a whole new language. Even when a computer only understands one language, there are various ways that a programmer can communicate with it, such as in the way of visual blocks, JavaScript, Python, and C.

Code is what gives fuel to any technological devices that we use today, especially the computer or laptop that your kid uses every day. It would be no wonder why they would express their liking to attend a coding workshop for kids.

What will they learn from a coding program for kids?

It is undoubtedly a great opportunity to be giving your kid ways to learn to code. Living in a technology-driven world, a person who knows how to code can have a bright future into the computer dependency of people and businesses. Hence, being more than having a DSA in Singapore, coding programs will give your kid a boat before they get lost in the ocean of technology in the future.

So, what exactly can you expect them to learn from a coding program?

Develop computational thinking skills

Coding is not a process of copying and pasting different numbers in a computer tool. It takes having computational thinking skills to discern sets of codes, pair them with other sets, and make the commands work. Since kids are mostly visual learners, these coding workshops will revolve in using drag-and-drop visual programming to connect everything. These programmes would help them know fundamental concepts without typing the coding language itself to ease them in the logic behind the code first.

Know the problem-solving process

Coding holiday programs may seem like a vacation, but not for their brains. There, they would get exposed to problem-solving processes involved in coding. They will be taught how to break down complex problems into little parts and know what is an effective way to approach each of them. With this practice, they will grow to have a logical thinking mind!

How to collaborate with others

Of course, a game or an app is not built by one person alone. It would need more than five people to make it all work. These are taught in coding programs as well! Your kid would meet and communicate with other kids who share the same interest and passion for coding. Regardless of background, age, or races, your kid will learn how to collaborate and develop relationships with others, which is an essential part of growing.

How to become a self-directed learner

No one can predict what the future will be like, but you know that there will come a time when you would no longer have the time to be a tutor to your kid. Well, you can prepare them for that future as early as now with the help of the innovative way of teaching that coding programs teach to their students. Here, they promote self-learning by giving the students the learning environment where everything is not spoon-fed. As a result, they become independent learners that should not worry you for their future.

There may be plenty of coding programs for kids in Singapore, but only a few can give your kid the essential learning skills they need to master coding. By carefully choosing the right institution that can offer you what your kid needs, you can expect to see them grow into a mature and independent person.

Qualities of a Good Coding Academy

In your search for a coding academy, you must know that a good one would:

Personalise a curriculum roadmap

Not every student is the same because they all have unique learning styles that depend on their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, your kid might be a visual learner. Hence, you would need their instructors or teachers to provide them with images, flashcards, among other visuals to help them learn better.

Certified teachers

Of course, a coding workshop for kids would not be complete with trained teachers. They would be the ones who would pass on the knowledge they know in coding, so if they are not certified you would not be assured that your kid would learn from them. Look for schools that hire certified teachers to know that your kid is in good hands!

Innovative practices

Since coding is the future, you should expect the coding academy to be up to date in the latest technology. With them, your kid would have access to devices that they would find interesting, and eventually spark their interest!

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