What Bucks party packages can offer you

So, your mate is getting married and he just asked you to be the best man. It’s an honor and an important role. One of the most important responsibilities that falls on you is the bucks party. This is a tradition that you can’t afford to mess up or you’ll never love it down. Too much pressure? You don’t know the half of it.

Bucks parties have evolved from being piss parties with second rate strippers. It has matured. It will take weeks for you to organise the party, maybe even months. You can’t do a half-assed job of it. However, Melbourne has plenty of party planners who specializes in this kind of thing. They can help you plan the party from the first to last detail. Various Melbourne adult entertainment venues and event planners offer bucks parties strip club packages that will leave your friends in awe of your skills as a party planner.

Some venues offer you ready-made packages. These include venue booking, entertainment and strippers. There’s a set fee for these which helps when you have to start drawing up a budget and getting money together to pay for the night. Some packages are more elaborate.

 Casino Night Packages

These have become very popular. If your buck likes card games and gambling, a casino night is perfect for him.

The venue can be at a club or on a boat floating down the Yarra River. The venue is prepped to provide the right ambiance. There’ll be good drinks and topless servers.

Man cave on Wheels


There are a lot of companies that offer party buses for bucks parties. You get picked up in a luxury, tricked-out bus with dj booth, food, drinks and strippers. The bus drives around the city and in some cases, it makes several stops along the way. It’s a great way to party without having to mix with the usual riff-raff or having to deal with club rules and overzealous bouncers.

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is a thing in Australia. It’s not just something Chris Hemsworth had to master but something a lot of “manly” man who like roughing it still do. You could combine this with some clay pigeons shooting or paint ball.

Some packages offer destination bucks party dos, meat feasts, brewery tours, Bubble Soccer, go-karts and pretty much anything you can imagine.

Getting a package deal saves time and money and the best man can participate fully without having to worry about the service, the drinks or the food.

The prices of Buck party packages in Melbourne are quite competitive. Depending on what activities you want, your food and the venue, you could end up paying $150 to $300. Some packages are only offered for a couple of hours whilst others stretch for an entire weekend. If it’s a weekend party you are planning, choose a package that has accommodation thrown in. Also find out how you will be getting to the event. Bucks parties strip club packages ensure that you, the best man, get things right and that you throw the bucks party to remember.