The Nutritional Value of Durian (And Its Health Benefits)

In some places (mostly in Asia), durian is considered the “King of Fruits”. As long as you can overcome the horrid smell of durian, it is one of the most delicious fruits your taste buds will ever experience. Thanks to its smooth and creamy texture, many Singaporeans add durians to their diet.

Also, Singapore is home to the best durian delivery due to a large number of durian suppliers in the country. Many people can order durians with the help of quick and convenient delivery services. Try it out if you want to taste the delicious and bittersweet flavour of durians!

However, durians are popular in Asia, not only for its infamous smell and delicious taste but also for the nutritional value it provides. No wonder why many people in Singapore are ordering durian via online delivery services!

Like most other fruits, durians contain ingredients that help regulate blood pressure. Also, durian offers amino acid tryptophan that gets converted into serotonin, a neurotransmitter which keeps you relaxed and happy. By eating durian every day, you can stay healthy and literally happy!

Since durians are nutritious and tasty, you might think of adding them to your diet. But if you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth, try to learn more about durians and their nutritional value!

First, let’s start with the history of durians.


Records show that durians come from Sumatra and Borneo. Other known countries that cultivate durians include India, Thailand, and Vietnam. Durians became widespread in Asia, which is why you can order a lot of them here in Singapore.

As time progressed, durians started gaining popularity once more in Southeast Asia. In the 1990s, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) demanded more durian due to its affluence in the region. Because of the growing demand for durian, countries like Singapore and the Philippines are rich in durians.

Ever since then, you can see a lot of durians in many marketplaces, especially in rural areas. Not surprisingly, the demand for durian is still at an all-time high, as evident in the various online delivery services for durian here in Singapore.

You can order a durian today via online delivery services and have it delivered right away! That’s how popular durians are in the country.

Aside from its abundance in stocks and delicious taste, why is durian famous

anyway? Let’s take a look at its nutritional value and see how it can benefit your well-being.



As mentioned earlier, durians contain amino acid tryptophan that will convert itself into serotonin. Once your body absorbs the serotonin, you will feel much more relaxed and joyful. You can be happy just by eating durians from time to time!

Of course, the results don’t come instantly. You will not immediately feel happier once you take a bite of durian. Eat a few durians in one go, and you can expect to feel good vibes in a matter of minutes!


Did you know that in Singapore, a lot of people (mostly the elderly) experience hypertension? It is a medical condition that puts you at risk of heart failure and stroke, which is why you should get a checkup if you are experiencing any symptoms.

Due to a large number of people with hypertension in Singapore, demand for durians is once again skyrocketing. How so? As mentioned earlier, durians are a great source of potassium, an electrolyte that keeps blood pressure at regulated levels.

Next time you visit your parents and grandparents, think of buying from the best durian delivery services! Give your elderly relatives some durians so they can maintain their blood pressure levels and stay healthy. They might even love the taste of durian if they haven’t tried them yet!


Insomnia is one heck of a disorder. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but it can affect your daily life in terrible ways. If you are having trouble sleeping, try ordering durian through online delivery services and add some durians to your diet! It can help you sleep better.

Durian also contains melatonin, a hormone that controls your sleep cycle. Eating durian will not directly affect your sleeping habits, but it can regulate your hormones to give you a better night’s sleep. Try munching on durians at least once or twice a day, and see if it has any effects on your sleeping habits. If not, then consult a doctor immediately.


Coffee is an excellent source of energy, but it is not for everyone. Some people are intolerable to the effects of caffeine, rendering coffee useless for them. If you are one of those people who can withstand the effects of coffee, try eating durian instead!

One of the ingredients of durian is carbohydrates that can boost your energy. One durian is enough to give you more stamina for the entire day. Plus, the potassium found in durians can relieve anxiety and fatigue, allowing you to feel even more energised.

If you need a daily energy boost, consider adding durian to your diet! Buy durian through online delivery services to try it out as soon as possible.


No doubt that durian is healthy and delicious. However, only consume durians in moderation. Consult a dietitian to see how many durians you can eat! Doing so will keep you safe from any side effects of overeating durian.

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