The Benefits To Working From Home For Employees

During the past calendar year, a lot of work forces have had to totally transform the way that we have been working mainly due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. Due to this, many areas of the world have been placed into local lockdowns to combat the spread of virus which has meant that many of us have had to work from home during this period. At first, this working from home malarkey seems very alien to us all, as working from home always seemed like a motion for executives within the company to do so, however, employees are now seeing many benefits to the working from home motion. 

[Image: Mind Tools]

One of the main benefits to working from home is that there is a money saving element that working from home is able to offer to us employees. This can come in an array of different forms but one of the main ways that employees is that they are saving on commuting costs whether this be through petrol costs, train fares or even taxi rides to work, these have been totally eradicated due to the working from home motion and therefore employees have seen a considerable amount of saving from commuting costs. Furthermore, employees have seen other money saving elements to working from home including saving on lunch costs by being able to cook at home.

Another benefit to working from home, is that it has now proved to employers that employees can now be trusted to work remotely and are able to work from wherever they please as a digital nomad when looking here. A digital nomad is the ideal of remote working who usually travel to different locations all the time and are known to be working in coffee shops, co-working spaces and public areas. This has opened the idea to many employees that during this period of working from home, that they are now able to work from wherever they please and become a digital nomad. 

And finally, this period of working from home has also given employees a sense of more freedom and flexibility with their workload that it has improved the mental health of employees. Employees are now able to complete their workload as they please, as long as hitting deadlines and a schedule, and therefore can hit their everyday life around work which will not only improve their work-life balance, but also their mental health. Due to this, many of us are now hoping for a split between working from the office and working from home when normality is resumed post-pandemic.