Secondary infertility

Many women without children sometimes wonder: “Can I give birth at all?”. Of course, you shouldn’t waste your own nerves on such thoughts, but if you have serious suspicions, it’s better to check them out.

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Unflattering statistics show that about a third of couples have any problems conceiving and/or carrying a baby. What exactly affects it – the quality of life, the environment, or the frantic pace in which we live, remains open.

But it often happens that a woman who already has a child (or even several), confident in her ability to bear and give birth to them, cannot conceive the next one. This happens for no apparent reason, and sometimes even despite careful preparation for pregnancy. Why does this happen?

Secondary infertility is not much different from the primary. After all, over time, everyone’s health can deteriorate. This is especially true for a woman who is so busy with her baby that she absolutely reproaches herself, leaving everything “for later”. And often women on the grounds of exhaustion of nerves begin to have problems with gynecology, endocrine system, or hormone levels. All this leads to the fact that the second long-awaited baby just can’t be conceived.

Another complication is the first birth with complications or surgery. Abortions are considered a separate cause – the more of them, the less chance for a happy motherhood in the future. Age also affects – every year in a woman’s body, the number of eggs decreases, which directly affects the ability to conceive.

When do I go to the doctor?

If you are under 30, a visit to the doctor should be planned in about a year after regular, but unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child. If you are over 30 – the alarm should sound after six months. In that case, both the man and the woman need to be examined for diseases, hormone levels and problems with the reproductive system.

It is often at this stage problems arise, because not all men realize that after the first child born with absolutely no problems, there may be difficulties in conceiving a second. Many men, after seeing the results of tests of poor sperm, even begin to doubt their own paternity already existing baby. However, this is wrong – a man’s health, like a woman’s, is subject to change over the years and given the stresses.

Then, depending on the diagnosis, a couple sometimes faces a difficult choice – to fight for the opportunity to have another child or to devote maximum time and effort to the one they already have. After all, infertility treatment, numerous procedures, IVF-protocols – all this takes a huge number of nerves, energy, money and time, which can simply not leave you the opportunity to pay enough attention to the already born baby in pursuit of the next child.

If you are determined to have a large and friendly family – then get a full examination by specialists and, using the latest science, go to your goal.