Planning Your Kid’s Birthday Party? Here Are 9 Important Things To Remember

If they say that you only live once, it seems much more preferable to say that we only die once while we live everyday which is always memorable if we make it unique. Our kid’s birthday party is definitely a day to live every year with our entire family and loved ones and friends. Reston catering companies are out there to help you plan and organize your yearly unique party to celebrate life. From birthday themes to social gatherings, Reston catering companies can easily adjust to the type of guests, occasion, and preferences of the birthday celebrant which is why choosing the right caterer should be a priority. Here are some 9 important things to remember for your kid’s birthday party.

The Cake

Perhaps the cake is the universal food of every birthday celebration which is most especially true for kids. Caterers nowadays make unique cakes and designs so don’t be afraid to ask your caterer beforehand what kind of cake could they make based on your theme and special request.

The Food

Different people have different tastes and so a birthday party ought to be suited for the main guests. Do they love vegetables? Do they have certain allergies especially the celebrant and some intimate guests? Who will be present and what age range? Is it a party with a kid’s classmates or just within the family clan? Your caterer can prepare the necessary specifications when you prepare beforehand.

Dessert menu

Satisfying the sweet tooth does not mean having the same plain desserts we are accustomed to. It’s preferable that the dessert menu be as varied and unique as the main menu with creative selections that cater to both dieters and sweet lovers.

The Leaning Tower of Pizza

It’s a kid’s party and pizza is something kids will definitely look for. It’s a familiar sight with a familiar taste that doesn’t hurt the wallet and can come in boxes for ready consumption.

Timing and Invitation

Let your guests know when and where will the party take place. Send it preferable a week or two beforehand or even earlier than that but not too early lest they forget the date. Aside from the location and other details in your letter, you can also opt to send a reminder a few days before especially using the email services nowadays.


A kid’s party should have music and games to entertain the children. Prizes can be given which doesn’t necessarily have to mean sweets. Most parents will appreciate it of the sweet tooth can be given a little break. A prize can be a book or a school supply or even a musical instrument as part of the fun and entertainment afterward that keeps the children busy.

Gift Etiquette

In case people ask, do tell them what kind of gift would your child like. Never open the gifts in front of the guests to avoid comparison. It doesn’t hurt to send a personalized thank you note or even an email as long as it has a personal message to assure the giver of the gift of your appreciation.

Capture Memories

Blurry photos don’t do a good job of preserving a memory with clear faces. It wouldn’t hurt to get a photographer to take a picture, especially for those very important birthday party celebrations. You can even hand them out as gifts to certain friends and people afterward.

Affordable Caterer

Celebrating a grand party for your kid does not always have to be expensive. There are Reston catering companies that are affordable and yet have a name in their field of work in the area. You shouldn’t be forced to pay unreasonable prices above the average market price.

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