LPG For Home Use – Why Switch To Using LPG?

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is widely used among domestic and commercial needs. Mostly used as fuel for household cooking, LPG also serves as energy for other appliances such as dryers, water heaters, refrigerators, BBQ grillers and fire pits. It is also used even in industrial applications and even in a petrol station for powering other machinery. Automobiles can also make use of LPG as fuel.

Because of the efficiency of using LPG, most households who are looking for gas supply in Singapore are after LPG gas instead of other variants.

LPG For Household Use

Having an LPG is as imperative as having available electricity and access to an Internet connection for performing your everyday tasks. As we’ve said earlier, LPG in Singapore saw a significant use for daily domestic needs such as cooking.

Perhaps, one can tolerate a single day without using smartphones or looking up to their social media account. But one cannot stand not being able to eat well-prepared food or not being able to cook one for yourself and your family. The reliance on using LPG in Singapore paved the way for services such as LPG delivery and online orders to keep up with the demands of the household market. LPG makes better use of all household and commercial cooking due to its cleanliness, accessibility and easy-to-use features.

Why Switch to LPG?

Why-Switch-To-LPGLPG is reasonably priced

While LPG in Singapore isn’t exactly cheap, but not too expensive, it sits right in as items offered at a reasonable price. LPG tanks remain quite high in demand due to their role in serving as fuel energy for household cooking.

However, consumers should be aware and cautious of cheap LPG gas as affordability does not always speak about quality. Consider buying LPG gas from a reliable supplier that offers LPG gas delivery services if you want a good deal.


Unlike other fuels such as diesel and other fossil fuels, LPG combustion is more efficient with minimal carbon emission without soot. LPG is considered an eco-friendly fuel for a green energy source.

It also consists of less amount of sulphur, hydrocarbons, nitrogen and other particulates that have detrimental effects on the atmosphere. Not to mention, it also has a low contamination risk. So, if your car is using LPG fuel, you shouldn’t be anxious about contributing more greenhouse discharges!

Easy and Quick Cooking

LPG allows your food to cook quickly thanks to its higher calorific value,  which helps give off a faster heating process. Almost every LPG gas supply in Singapore has a high-calorific value, so you shouldn’t worry about getting poor ones.

Unlike electric stoves, LPG has higher and faster pre-heating rates and much greener cooking with less carbon emission. LPG also allows you to control its temperature in a simple fashion if you want more manageable cooking.

Requires Minimal Kitchen Space

Gone are the days where the household kitchen will need to allot spaces for a bulky LPG tank. Most LPG gas in Singapore is manufactured and designed to accommodate even smaller kitchens, whether you’re living in a condo or land property. Manufactures keep the spotless kitchen in mind for simple LPG cylinder stocking. LPG has a more compact and smarter design while maintaining its efficiency.

Low Kitchen Temperature

Believe it or not, LPG emits less temperature heat in contrast to other cooking devices and gases. If having a high-temperature room is something you are concerned about that keeps you from obtaining a gas cylinder in Singapore, you should not worry about it. You won’t experience a shooting, hot temperature inside your household kitchen!

Safe to Use

Safety concerns are one of the many reasons why some households aren’t using LPG cylinders. We can hear accidents about people blowing up their kitchen or home with LPG tanks, but it is actually far from the truth. LPG is extremely convenient and safe to use. While it is true that LPG is flammable, knowing how to use the unit in the right method can avoid the risks. When handled with proper care and knowledge, LPG can be a safe fuel to use inside your household for your cooking needs!

To avoid obtaining problematic LPG cylinder units, always buy one from trusted and well-known suppliers of every residential and industrial LPG gas cylinder. Avoid cheap LPG cylinders that you see online.

Easy and Faster Booking

Booking for a replacement, refill or new connection is easy and convenient. You don’t need to move in and out of different distributors or stand in long queues to find a decent LPG supply for a gas cylinder in Singapore. The procedure is done in a straightforward manner at the touch of your fingertip, be it on the phone or online.

Final Thoughts

The advantage of using an LPG cylinder in both commercial and household applications has environmental and convenient benefits compared to other types of fuel. While LPG in Singapore may not be the most budget choice for all household living and families, it offers a plethora of benefits, which can be a big changer, especially for those who are not used to it. Most importantly, LPG offers a clean energy fuel for your home without discharging harmful particulates and greenhouse emissions.

Overall, LPG is a decent investment that does something good for your home, your kitchen and the environment!

Keep in mind to only purchase units from legitimate online LPG distributors online if you’re planning to acquire an LPG cylinder in your area. Perform background research and read reviews about the distributor to validate if they are authorised and ensure you are getting a product with genuine quality.

If you are looking for a residential or industrial LPG gas cylinder in your area, visit SingGas for more info!