Learn Esports Betting Tips

Throughout the past year, a wider audience has been attracted to the growing world of esports as their favourite options in traditional sporting had become less available – as a growing number of different game options become available, the esports betting market as a whole has only continued to grow despite only having really become available in the past few years, but with many viewers and punters being new to esports as a whole, there’s plenty left to learn – you can find the biggest bookmakers at, but what are the biggest esports betting tips to help you get started?

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A wealth of statistics – Whilst esports may seem very new to many, some games have been around for the better part of two decades and some of the players have been around for a lot of that time too – this means there are a huge number of statistics that show different match-ups and a decade worth of history in performance, and these are an invaluable resource. To make an informed decision with any upcoming bet, make sure to check these stats for the most accurate information. It seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised to know just how many people will place a wager without backing it up with figures to support it!

Plenty of viewing options – In esports, all live games are broadcast for free on platforms such as Twitch so there aren’t restrictions to prevent viewership across all regions of the game, but there are also large libraries of recorded VODs for a history of games played and allow you to gain more information on previous games and previous match-ups. Traditional sporting is typically tied up behind paywalls and paid services, this can often make it difficult to do the same with previous games or upcoming games outside of the paid service – and has been a huge benefit for esports as a whole.

An opportunity to play – Passion in betting often comes from a passion for the game itself, and this is something that esports has a unique approach for – the biggest games are often free-to-play, as such if you’re looking to learn the nuances and more difficult parts of the game from a viewer perspective, you’ll be able jump into game and explore these for yourself. It provides a unique opportunity as a fan to be more directly available in the game in a much easier way, and can certainly help you better understand esports betting as you can explore parts of the game that may not be easily accessible in more traditional options.