How to Make a Memorable Wedding with Food

Did you notice that a lot of social events, including holidays, meetings, and parties are based around eating? If so, you must have concluded that it is fun to eat with other people. You are right! Aside from it being an essential part of being human, people depend on food to improve mood, physical state, and even thoughts. You are happy when you eat a good meal, and you are grumpy when you feel hunger. It is as simple as that. However, the thought of preparing a good meal can make a person stressful, especially when they are about to serve it for a group of people. In an event, you would want people to have a nice meal so that they can enjoy the atmosphere at a social event, like your wedding. Food can anchor a great wedding event, as a partner to an event organiser, you want to make sure that the foods in your wedding are all tastefully good. It may take one delivery from your favourite patisserie in Singapore or you might need to hire two caterers. Thus, it is crucial to dedicate a lot of your time in organising it!

Allow this article to help you remember the importance of good food at a wedding and how you can prepare it!

Why is food important in your wedding?

Of course, every detail in your wedding is vital. All of them play an important role in making your wedding memorable for you and all of your guests. Let these reasons convince you that the food at your wedding can create a positive impression on your guests. 

It shows hospitality

If you noticed ancient drawings and stories from the past civilisations, food was always present. It is because it has always been a sign of hospitality of the homeowners. Travellers often come to houses from town to town to get served and rest during their long expeditions. Homeowners express their respect to them with a good meal. The situation is still the same today! However, you should not forget that not all people can eat the food you serve at your wedding due to various health issues. Take that into account when you are setting up the menu for your wedding. Consider including a question about their allergies in your wedding invitation, so when they RSVP you will know what food you can order for them. 

Make connections

There are plenty of wonderful stories of relationships that begin with sharing food. It is because it is a common tool that can unite two people together. Why not express your eagerness to connect with your guests with a macaron delivery in Singapore? You will find that many of your guests enjoy eating macarons too! It will help them remember that your wedding day was the day that they deeply connected to you, thus making it memorable!

Personalise the event

At the end of the day, your wedding is all about you and your partner. You should be free to eat what you like and share it with your guests! For instance, if the reason why you met your partner is that you both go to the same patisserie in Singapore, then you should include that in your menu! It will help in building a personalised celebration that is about your love for each other, and your guests get to witness it all. 

Things to keep in mind when planning your food catering

Know your guest count

The very first factor that you should think about when you are planning your wedding reception is the number of people you are about to feed. It will greatly help in getting an estimated cost to help you with your wedding budgeting. When you know your guest count before calling up a food caterer or a patisserie for your desserts, you can eliminate confusion and unnecessary menu changes that can delay the delivery.

Decide on a delivery method

A lot of couples are surprised when they get asked about their preferred delivery method because they thought it only goes with one option. It does not, in fact, you can choose four methods! They are:

  • Pick-up – you will be the one to pick-up the food from the caterer’s location.
  • Drop off – the caterers will be the ones who will deliver the food to your wedding in disposable containers.
  • Real display – most common for buffets and banquets since this option will include the service of caterers to prepare the tables and food serving area. It includes decorated linens, glassware, and tableware.
  • Full service – more than real display, you can choose this option if you want to have your food professionally served and even cooked on the wedding venue.


The wedding reception is completely different from the wedding ceremony. The former being more informal but still has a classic appeal to it. To achieve that, you can include linen, china, servers, bartenders. If you want them to be provided with your food package, then you should tell it to your caterer.

Finalised budget

If you feel like you should order more macarons for your wedding in Singapore, you have to consider your final budget. Most couples think about their budget first but still, end up as the last thing that is figured out. If you want to get more from your food budget, you should help your caterer give you that by giving them a concrete budget plan!

When you have all of these checked out, you are ready to have a meaningful celebration of love with food! 

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