How to Choose the Perfect Men’s Designer Sunglasses for You

The perfect pair of men’s designer sunglasses will elevate your look, deflect glare and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. But finding that perfect match can be challenging.

When choosing the ideal pair of designer sunglasses, there are numerous things to consider, such as facial shape, skin tone, and lifestyle. This guide will help you narrow your options and find the right shades!

Understanding Face Shape

The first step in selecting the ideal men’s designer sunglasses collection by Remo Tulliani is understanding your facial shape. It will help you choose the best style that matches your facial features and provide you with various options for different occasions and lifestyles.

There are many ways to figure out your face shape, including taking measurements and paying attention to facial characteristics. You can also look at photos and compare them to figure out your face shape.

A familiar-shaped face is an oval one characterized by a narrow and tall forehead, wider cheekbones, and a softly rounded jaw. Plenty of glasses will suit this type of face, such as aviator, geometric, square, and even cat-eye sunglasses or eyeglasses!

Another typical face shape is rectangular, similar to an oval but with a longer face and a broader forehead. It is a great face shape for all types of designer sunglasses as long as you create contrast between your glasses and your facial features.

Know Your Skin Tone

Knowing your skin tone is essential to choosing the perfect men’s designer sunglasses. Numerous elements, such as genetics and UV exposure, can affect your skin color.

Your skin tone refers to the level of melanin on your skin, which is a product of your genetic makeup. Cool skin tones have pinkish hues, while warm skin tones have reddish or blue-colored undertones.

To determine your skin tone, try a few simple tests. One is to hold a sheet of gold foil in front of your face and see if it makes your skin look grayish or washed out.

Another is to match a few different makeup products to your skin and judge which ones blend nicely into your complexion. You can also do a quick test by asking a friend to look at the skin behind your ear.

Know Your Lifestyle

When it comes to sunglasses, a lot hinges on how you wear them. From hiding a hangover to finishing off your look, there are endless ways you can use them to make an impression and reflect your vibes.

The frame size and style are only two elements that can change how your sunglasses appear. You must know the forms that suit your face and how you want your sunglasses to fit.

While buying a pair of shades at random is tempting, it’s a lot easier if you know how to pick the right ones for your face shape and lifestyle.

For example, if you have a square face, choose square frames that only add a little width to the bottom of your face. On the other hand, if you have an oval face, look for aviator styles that balance out your shape.

Know Your Budget

Your budget will influence many aspects of your eyewear purchase, including frame shape and color. For example, pricier shades are often made of better materials and coatings to offer greater clarity and protection.

Your face shape, skin tone, and lifestyle influence your chosen lens colors. For example, if you wear sunglasses to work and play outdoors, you might want blue-tinted lenses to enhance the clarity of your vision while reducing glare.

Likewise, if you have a beach vacation soon, then polarized glasses will help keep your eyes protected from harmful UV rays. However, check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you are wearing the right pair for your needs.