HONOR 20 Pro Records Beautiful Moments

In UK, more and more young people want to keep the beautiful moments. They don’t want to lose every wonderful part of their life in the future. The emergence of smart phones has solved such problems. It can record your life anytime and anywhere. If you buy smartphones in UK, you can choose from many kinds of phones. It is important to choose a suitable smart phone. Let’s see if HONOR 20 Pros’ powerful photographing function conforms to your style.

HONOR 20 Pro has stylish blue and pink colors. The new generation of optical fingerprint identification technology has captured many eyes. What is even more eye-catching is the brand-new experience brought by its 48 MP AI quad camera.

48 MP AI Quad Camera

HONOR 20 Pro uses a rear 48 million quad camera lens module. Configuration of 48 MP main camera + 8 MP telephoto camera + 2 MP macro lens. The 48 MP main camera has a CMOS size of 1/2 inch. And it is equipped with a large f/1. 8 aperture. The 8 MP telephoto camera supports 120 super wide angles. It can accommodate more pictures. It also supports 22 kinds of scene recognition and real-time directional optimization in the body. It can automatically recommend “portrait”, “night scene”, “wide angle” and so on. As soon as you take it, you will have good photos. This is due to HONOR 20 Pros’ strong analytical ability. Daily use of 48 million pixels to automatically synthesize 12 million pixels of high resolution photos. Professional scenes support 48-megapixel hardware direct imaging. To meet the needs of different users. With the blurring effect of depth of field realized by large aperture, exquisite details of near objects are combined with depth of field to bring a picture with outstanding texture.

Super wide Angle Broadens the Field of Vision

Nowadays, super wide angle photography is popular. HONOR 20 Pro supports this feature. HONOR 20 Pro also carried a 120-degree super wide angle lens in its three lens. It allows us to take a wider picture than the ordinary lens into the camera. Even under the same scenery when we travel outdoors. It can be easily used whether it takes pictures of buildings or delicious food and photos. HONOR 20 Pro also has excellent control over edge distortion. There will be no obvious distortion on the edge of the photo.

Super Night Mode Capture the Night

HONOR 20 Pro performed perfectly in night shooting. It uses a 1/2-inch super-large sensor and an f/1. 8 large aperture. With HONOR “owl” algorithm. There are AIS hand-held super night scene mode. It can easily capture the beauty of dark color beyond human vision. The first highlight of night shooting is the “owl” algorithm. With the algorithm and the composite multi-frame noise reduction technology, high quality samples do not need post-treatment. Photos can be sent directly to Moment. The second highlight of night shooting is “AIS Handheld Super Night Mode”. Because shooting in dark light environment at night, the aperture of the mobile phone itself will be enlarged. And the shutter speed will still be reduced anyway. If the hand blurs when taking a picture, it is inevitable that the picture taken will be blurred. Turning on “AIS Handheld Super Night Mode”. It can expose for a long time in the handheld state. And the picture can reduce blur caused by shake through algorithm.

The comprehensive performance of HONOR 20 Pro photographs is satisfactory. The combination of the rear 48-megapixel main camera + 8-megapixel super wide angle + 2-megapixel three-camera, combined with HONOR’s own AI algorithm makes it able to perform well in multiple scenes. It meets the hard demand for mobile phone selfies.