Freshen Up Your Home for Summer

Summer is right around the corner. As your changing out your spring wardrobe for your warm-weather favorites to prepare, it may be about time to get your home ready, too.  Here are a few ways that you can freshen up your home for summer.

Start Cleaning

If you missed spring cleaning (or things are starting to look a little disheveled again), one of the first things you should do is clean. You can do the task yourself, or you can hire residential cleaning services Glendale AZ for a professional, deep clean.

Let the Light In

Open up the curtains and let in the natural light. Not only will this brighten your home, but it will also help to keep your electric bills under control (since you won’t have to leave the lights on all day).  If you have heavy drapes, exchange them for something light and airy.

Change Your Artwork

You don’t have to have the same pieces of artwork on your wall all year. Instead, change out a few pieces for summer-themed ones. You can even reuse the same frames if necessary. Consider bright florals or beachy scenes.

Add Summer Accents

Once you have your home cleaned and organized, it’s time to fill in the rooms with summer accents. Remove winter throw blankets and change out pillows for more summery ones. Bring in fresh flowers from your garden and place them in vases to decorate the dining table, coffee table, and nightstands.

Another way to fill your home with summer is with candles or essential oil diffusers. While you may enjoy the scent of gingerbread cookies or pumpkin spice, summer is the time for bright, fresh scents. Consider scents like lemon, rose, or linen.

You don’t have to sweat outdoors for hours a day to enjoy the summer season. With a few changes indoors, you can enjoy the season in a cool, comfortable environment, too!