English Course in Singapore: What You Need to Consider

Since English is the de facto language of Singapore, most if not all educational institutions require their students to have some level of proficiency in the language. Therefore, it is advisable to attend O level English tuition classes to improve your understanding of the basics, such as grammar, spelling, and speech.

Therefore, once you start looking for an English course in Singapore, you need to remember to consider several factors. Doing so allows you to assess which class is right for you. Ideally, you wouldn’t want to take one below or above your skill level. Understanding these things can ensure that your journey towards mastering English follows a steady but progressive flow. With that information, here are four things you need to consider before taking an English course. Continue reading this article to know more about them.

English Course in Singapore: What You Need to Consider

Why Take an English Course in Singapore?

Aside from being the de facto language, you might be wondering what other reasons you should know to justify the need to take an English course in Singapore. The country features communities using Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin Chinese. Among all of its spoken languages, what advantages does English have that others do not? If you have questions similar to that, here are six reasons why you should enrol in an English course.

High-Quality Courses

Among other countries in the South-East Asian region, Singapore features some of the highest-quality classes. The nation has plenty of educational institutions that offer an English course that fits your needs and skill level.

One of the Top Most Spoken Languages

Aside from being the de facto language of Singapore, one of the top reasons you should take an English course is it is also one of the most spoken languages in the world, alongside Mandarin, Hindi, and Spanish. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you can expect that some, if not most of the people you’ll meet, have some level of proficiency in using the language.

Expands Career Opportunities

Most companies, local or international, will choose to use English as their primary language when they have employees with various cultural backgrounds. It is rare to see a business that uses other languages like Mandarin or Spanish unless most, if not all of their workers, have some level of proficiency or their headquarters are in their respective countries. Therefore, taking an English course, especially an oral communication class, opens up numerous career opportunities as it is one of the most basic requirements for international companies.

Makes Academic Papers Easy to Understand

Plenty of academic papers, like scientific journals, are written in English. Taking an English course in Singapore equips students with the skills and knowledge to read and understand foreign or local academic papers with ease, which is crucial in researching for their other classes.

English is the Most Common Language on the Internet

If you love surfing the Internet for whatever reason, be it for academic or entertainment purposes, you will notice that plenty of websites use English. While some may feature a language option, it isn’t always the case. Therefore, taking an English course in Singapore opens your mind to understanding various websites.

Travelling is Easier

People who love to travel overseas would know that if you are not familiar with the native language of a country, English is a go-to means of communication as others will most likely have some knowledge. While learning their native tongue is ideal, it is impractical when you travel on a weekly or monthly basis. An English course in Singapore could serve as your lifeline whenever you head to a foreign country.

What Do You Need to Consider When Picking an English Course in Singapore?


Now that you have an idea why taking an English course in Singapore provides you with several benefits, it is time to tackle the primary goal of this article, which is to inform you about the four things you need to consider when looking for a class.

Instructor Has Extensive Experience

A good English tutor or instructor for PSLE needs to have adequate experience and credentials to ensure they are qualified to teach students like you. Check online and read about their background.

Class Size Isn’t Too Large

Class size is crucial in determining whether your instructor can provide enough attention to every student they handle. If your English course in Singapore is open to around forty individuals, start doubting whether you’ll learn something from it. It doesn’t matter how skilled or reputable the instructor is, there comes a point where their teaching quality diminishes as they turn their attention to the individual needs of their students.

Offers Comprehensive Courses

Since taking an English course in Singapore may not be cheap, you must assess their syllabus and see if its coverage is comprehensive enough that you’ll learn something valuable by the end of the semester.

Aims to Achieve Realistic Goals

One of the most evident red flags you should watch out for is online English tuition classes in Singapore that promise absurd claims, such as beginners turning into individuals proficient in English in just four weeks. Remember that these promises can be tempting. However, you need to know that these are tricks scammers use to rob their customers. Seek recommendations and check forums to avoid shady establishments.



Enrolling in an English course in Singapore provides you with several advantages that other languages may not have. For example, most companies use it as their primary means of communication. This case is especially relevant for establishments with employees coming from various countries. Another reason is that English is a possible lifeline whenever you travel overseas.

Therefore, you should be careful when picking an English course in Singapore. Check the credentials and experience of your instructor. Additionally, look for classes that aim to achieve realistic goals by the end of the semester.

Finding the right English course is necessary if you want to ensure that you get a quality education and get the most out of your investment.

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