Considerations and Qualities You Need to Check With Your Divorce Lawyer

Even though marriage is supposed to last for eternity, some instances require or necessitate that people go their separate ways usually through a divorce. Divorce can be a very intimidating, stressful, and emotionally draining process.

A divorce process in Singapore is not only emotionally and financially draining but can also be costly and confusing. Therefore bearing this in mind, choosing a reliable lawyer can be the most crucial decision you undertake since it will determine the outcome of that particular case in the long run.

If you need a divorce lawyer, the guidelines below will help you understand the most important questions and facts you need to take into consideration.

The legal fee is crucial when hiring a divorce lawyer

Lawyers do charge a lot when it comes to their legal representation fee; they argue that this is necessitated by the fact that they spend a lot of time in school with lots of studies thus justifying their payment. It is usually advisable to go for a divorce lawyer who charges lower prices for their services. On the other hand, if you are endowed with resources why not go for the expensive one. It is assumed that expensive lawyers always win cases as opposed to the cheap ones, a claim that has never been verified. The most crucial point here is that one should always look for a lawyer they can represent them well in court and who is well within their budget.

Experience and expertise

It is always important to consider the experience of that particular lawyer, and he/she should have specialized in divorce law. Do not hire a general lawyer because a lawyer specialized in divorce cases has experience about divorce procedures in Singapore, and knows the tendencies of different judges in your area and thus will use this to your advantage.


One of the most effective ways of determining that any particular lawyer is good at what they do is that you have to learn it by seeking the opinion of his former or present clients. If you don’t know any of his former clients to be confident enough to ask him for a list of them. He will give you two or three contacts where you can enquire from. Make sure you bear in mind the review that they give him when making your decision.

Likability and accessibility

You need to settle on one who is easily accessible and always responding promptly to your calls if this is not the case you may end up being frustrated. Make inquiries from former clients if he maintained a stable communication trend.

The qualities of a divorce lawyer you need

A good divorce lawyer in Singapore will never misguide you regarding your expectations of the case. They will always make sure thatthey study your case thoroughly and then inform you of the chances you have of winning the case.

The first quality that a divorce lawyer should have is a mastery of family law. For this reason, you should pick a lawyer who specializes in divorce cases. It is especially necessary if the divorce involves the legal custody of children. In such a case, it is not a good idea to entrust the case to someone who cannot guarantee a win-win solution.

The other quality of a good lawyer is that he or she will look at the smallest details. They will study the case thoroughly and ask you a lot of questions regarding your family life. It is possible to discern this quality in a lawyer the very first time you meet him or her. Look at the attentiveness and involvement right from the beginning. It will give you an idea of how seriously he or she will take your case. Once you have ascertained that the lawyer is indeed serious about each case that he or she takes up, you can go ahead and hire them.

If you are looking for a lawyer to represent you in court in any case, then there are a few qualities that you should look for in him or her. The first and foremost quality is that he or she should be empathetic and understand that the legal case is causing you mental and emotional anguish. It is especially true in cases like personal injury, disability, divorce, etc. It is the reason that the lawyer should take the case seriously and provide all the information that you require to feel comfortable.

Another thing that you will notice about good lawyers is that they are selective in choosing clients. It is not their aim to make money out of whoever walks into their office. Instead, they make it a point to select only those cases which they have more chances of winning. If your case does not have the merit enough to win, then they will say that to you upfront and prevent you from spending your valuable time and money. Then again there are the lawyers who work on a no win no fee basis. It is best to hire this type of lawyer.

The lawyer in question should also have an impressive personality and should be well-dressed and well-groomed in their manners. It will make a lot of difference in convincing the judge and jury in favour of your case.

The third quality of a good divorce lawyer is that he or she will be very prompt in communication. They will make sure that you are informed regarding the progress of the case. Also, ask about his office policies for taking and returning calls.

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