Business Owner’s Guide: How To Choose A Data Centre Builder?

More and more businesses need to own a data centre and rely on a data centre builder as they grow to accommodate the expansion of their data management.

If you are not familiar with a data centre, it is a reliable facility where a business can store all of the information they have gathered. To some people, a data centre has become a valuable extension of their business since it provides enough storage space that they can easily access.

The problem, however, is that not everyone can build one and become a data centre builder themselves. Before they can use this title, they need to have tons of experience and skills. That is why businesses turn to a professional data centre builder to build a robust data centre.


What Is A Data Centre Builder?

A data centre builder refers to a team of experts with years of experience and skills in data centre construction for a company.

In other words, they are like any construction company, but they specialise in building a data centre. As mentioned above, a data centre is a facility that stores data that a business collects over time and allows them to access anything anytime as long as they use the correct particulars.

In summary, a data centre is vital to business due to the following:

  • File Sharing
  • Productivity Applications
  • Customer Relationship Management

What Are The Core Components Of A Data Centre?

Routers, switches, firewalls, storage systems, servers, and application delivery controllers are all part of the data centre. Since they hold and handle critical data and applications used for operations, their security is crucial for businesses.

Listed below are the three core components of a data centre has:

  • Networks Infrastructure – connects physical and virtual servers
  • Storage Infrastructure – refers to the data storage
  • Computing Resources – these are the hardware and software that a business uses

What Are The Types Of A Data Centre You Can Build Together With A Data Centre Builder?

Many things continue to change, and a data centre is no exception. As a business owner who relies on a data centre the most, you need at least to be aware of the many sorts.

Knowing the distinctions between each type can aid you in determining which is best for your business. If you pick the correct data centre construction for your company, your efforts and investment will get wasted. Customers would also be more likely to trust and support your brand.

Continue reading to determine which data centre your business requires. The many types of data centres are listed below.



1. Colocation

This type of data centre, often known as a “carrier hotel”, is where a business owner can rent any IT tools, equipment, or space they need from the data centre builder.

Instead of renting Huawei IdeaHub machines from a different vendor, you can directly rent from the ones who provide your data centre.

2. Cloud

You can create a virtual version of your data centre in the cloud by leveraging third-party cloud services. This is similar to colocation, except instead of renting gear and configuring it yourself, you can take advantage of certain services offered by a DC builder.

3. Edge

This one is relatively new to the data centre sector. They usually have smaller facilities scattered over a region. It has a capability that can lower end-user latency connection and reduce the traffic received on fibre cable cables.

4. Enterprise

Most tech giants own this type of data centre and delegate its management to their IT department for personal internal purposes: privacy and security.

Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are well-known tech giants that use this kind of data centre.

5. Hyperscale

This one frequently features vast and scalable facilities that provide massive IT infrastructure needs. That is why this data centre is so appealing to huge corporations.

Even while major corporations can build their own data centres, leasing provides the market with more flexibility and speed.

6. Manage

A third party runs this type of data centre on behalf of a company. Usually, a managed data centre is under the management of the data centre builder. They often provide data storage, computing, and other services to customers.


What Are The Factors Of Choosing A Data Centre Builder?

Data management is one of the most vital assets that a company has. They require a data centre builder to keep up with the constant updating of information.

To guarantee you will work with the right DC builder in Singapore to create a data centre for your business, do not forget to consider the following:

1. Mind The Location Area

When you choose a data centre builder who will build a data centre for your business, make sure they are around your location. The closer they are, the better, so you can quickly receive an upgrade or servicing as soon as possible when you need it.

2. Provides Cooling Service

The tools and equipment used inside a data centre will also overheat without proper cooling. Be sure your data centre builder can provide you with that by installing air conditioners and an HVAC system.

Ask your preferred DC builder if they provide a UPS system. This machine works as a generator, saving everything immediately. Using this helps prevent data loss due to power outages.

3. Tour The Operation Site In Person

Since to see is to believe, consider dropping by at the facility of your preferred data centre builder. Doing so will help give you ideas on how good they are with their work which helps ease your worries.


Creating a data centre for your business and choosing the right data centre builder is within your hands. If you do not take your time to consider your options and weigh the pros and cons, you might never have the perfect data centre that will promote your business’s growth.

Therefore, read through this article again to grasp everything by heart. Once you are so sure about your choice, start your search for a DC builder by checking out Acme Associates! With over 15 years of experience and expertise in data centre construction for a company, you will never notice they have already built yours.

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