Bologna the City Known for its Culinary Tradition


Bologna is known for its unique food tradition. The capital city in Emilia Romagna in Northern Italy is well-known since Roman period. Who doesn’t know about Bolognese sauce which is used for pasta and is prepared with meat? The city depends on pork meat and cheese. Most of the carnivals are known for desserts, jams and cookies where locals sell their bakeries in holidays. 

If you ever get a chance to visit Bologna, then ask your tourist guide to take you for a food tour. Bologna Food Tours are offered by every tourist agency, as it is the most imperative activity which takes entire day to cover. Here is a list of Bolognese cuisine that you can try during your stay –

  • Tortellini along with broth is a local cuisine which is a combination of egg pasta that is filled with cheese and meat. 
  • Tagliatelle is egg pasta each of 8mm length that is dipped in ragu sauce, a meat-based sauce. The revised version of this dish is found in different cities, which is known as Bolognese Spaghetti. 
  • Another traditional dish is Lasagna. The green color comes from spinach, but it isn’t a vegetarian dish because it is prepared with ragu sauce and béchamel. 
  • Mortadella is salami or is commonly known Bologna sausage. During the Roman period, the salami pork meat was chopped with mortar and mixed with spices, lard, to form sausages. 
  • If you like to taste unique flavor of chicken, then try Bologna Schnitzel or also known as Cotoletta Petroniana. Chicken or veal is dipped in egg and then fried and then roasted in oven with shredded cheese ham slice and meat broth to give a different flavor and taste. 

There is list of traditional foods that you can try during your food tour. However, don’t miss these few above mentioned dishes as they are the specialties of Bologna.