Advantages of company formation in Meydan Free Zone

The UAE’s free zones are one of the country’s greatest economic boosts. It accounts for about 8% of all businesses in the country. More companies, especially start-ups choose to set up in a free zone every year. Take look at the most important reasons to set up your business in the Meydan Free Zone.

Heart of Dubai

Mayden Free Zone is located at the heart of Dubai with a 15 minute’s drive from the Dubai International Airport and 12 minutes from the Dubai Downtown. This makes it quite easy for you to travel for client meetings or for clients and employees to travel for work, meetings, and other events.

Entrepreneur Ready

The Meydan free zone in Dubai is entrepreneur ready which means it has all the resources that one needs to start the business from scratch.

It offers:

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Support desk
  • Low-cost set-up
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Tax-free policies
  • No currency restrictions

It provides a vibrant community where one has endless opportunities to expand the business and make partnership with other companies in your industry.

Empowering businesses

The mission if the Meydan free zone is to make entrepreneurship accessible and inspire growth business. The outlook is all about building a future forward strategy and a connected ecosystem for entrepreneurs and innovators to grow and lead the world. The free zone is designed to empower the businesses operating from here and provide them all the tools they need such as:

  • World class facilities
  • Freedom to choose licenses
  • Business support services
  • Choice of workspaces
  • Bank account opening services
  • Immigration services
  • Company registration and premium address

All these services are intended to empower and business and run your company as smoothly as possible.

A paperless experience

No entrepreneur wants to spend hours filing and doing paper work. The Mayden free zone offers completely paperless experience while setting up and running your business. It has a digital payment platform for easy payment option which means you can get instant access and pay for the services at just the click of a button.

Meydan Free Zone supports entrepreneurs and offers a fantastic base for your business ambitions. With a great mixture of office space, location, registration process, business setup, immigration services, and environment that encourages success, it brings together everything that as a business owner you need to start your company in Dubai. If you’re ready to set-up your business, choose Meydan Free Zone.