7 Cool Things You Can Do With a VPS

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) makes for a robust, high-performance web hosting platform. Websites on VPS Hosting get a Dedicated-Server-like performance at a fraction of the cost. No wonder Virtual Server Hosting is becoming so popular among website owners, especially VPS with cPanel. After all, who doesn’t like the extra performance?

But there’s more to a VPS Server than just offering hosting services. It has a lot more cooler applications that make it a versatile technology. From creating your own private sync service to running private analytics, the possibilities are many. Here are seven cool things you can do with a VPS that is not web hosting.

  1. Create a personal cloud

Having your very own cloud service adds an additional layer of security to convenience and utility. Hire a VPS and deploy a data synching tool such as OwnCloud to create your cloud service. You can not only sync all your data but also add functionality with a calendar, task manager and document editing.

  1. Run private analytics

You can set up your VPS to run analytics rather than rely on third-party data. Install the appropriate tools on your VPS Server and start crunching the numbers. Some tools are even capable of business analytics and can easily handle large amounts of data to return actionable results.

  1. Use it for development and testing

Create a safe testing environment for developing and testing new features for your website. It will enable you to try out new features in a contained sandbox without affecting your main website. Simulate varied testing environments and iron out the bugs until you have refined the functionality to go live.

  1. Collaborate on projects

Set up a feature-rich, web-enabled project tracking tool on your VPS and collaborate with your teammates on a global level. Keep track of your projects, assign tasks, set up meetings, sync calendars and do much more. The biggest advantage of a VPS-enabled collaboration tool is privacy and the control it offers you over your data.

  1. Run a VOIP server

Voice Over IP (VOIP) offers you an easy and cost-effective way to make long-distance calls. Install a VOIP application on your VPS, and you will get your very own VOIP service without investing in expensive long-term infrastructure. You can use it whenever you need it; simply spin it down until you need it the next time.

  1. Automate everything

Automating certain tasks can be a great convenience and even increase your productivity by letting you concentrate on other, more critical tasks. You can set up an automatically managed game server for max performance or run a bot on your VPS to do virtually anything. E.g. use your VPS to set up an intra-office chat client or level-1 chat support that can handle client queries.

  1. Set up a private sync service

How convenient would it be to have access to all your files from anywhere without having to upload them to a cloud every time! You can do exactly that by creating your very own sync service that can upload all the files to your VPS automatically.

A VPS Server is a versatile platform, one that offers multiple uses other than web hosting. Try one of these cool things and experience its power for yourself.