6 Tips for Opening Up a Small Kitchen

Small kitchens can present challenges for the avid home cook. Sufficient space is critical for storing cookware and cutlery, not to mention preparing food. If you’re preparing a special meal for guests, they will undoubtedly congregate in the kitchen; it does not matter if your most comfortable sofa is free. These six interior design for kitchen St Louistips can open up a small cooking space. 

Choose Light Colors

Dark colors can make your space feel smaller. Applying a coat of white or pastel-colored paint to dark kitchen cabinets will work wonders for opening up your space.

Reduce Clutter

The walls of your kitchen will start to feel like they’re closing in if your countertops and cupboards are cluttered. Recycle those stained plastic containers you rarely use and donate those mugs that haven’t felt the warmth of your morning coffee for months. 

Install Open Shelves

Open shelving allows for storage without consuming the space needed for cabinets. Your cookware and dishes will be on display, so this option is ideal if you can keep your shelves tidy. In addition to saving space, open shelves will make your pots, pans and glassware easily accessible. 

Upgrade Your Lighting

Brighten your kitchen, literally. While lighting is essential for cooking, it can also add ambiance to your functional space. Add decorative pendant lights over your prep station and install strips of LED lights on shelves and in cabinets. 

Add Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for your bedroom and bathroom. They reflect light and create the illusion of an expansive space. Choose a mirrored material for your backsplash, or consider hanging a mirror over your stove if space allows. 

Add a Pantry 

If you have space to spare and need extra storage, add a pantry. Keep in mind that your pantry can be anything. Repurpose old furniture such as an armoire or a bookshelf for a functional and stylish addition to your kitchen.

By allowing for more light and adding storage, a small kitchen will become more functional and comfortable for the home cook.