3 Signs Your House Has a Plumbing Problem

For the most part, your home’s plumbing goes largely unnoticed. That is, it does until something goes wrong and then you can’t help but notice the situation. Most plumbing issues give early signs that they are about to disrupt household functions. Knowing what to look out for can give you a head’s up that trouble is brewing. If you notice any of these three things going on, it may be time to take action.

  1. Water Is Draining Slowly

Most drains empty out at about the same rate, but buildup can cause them to slow down over time. When drains suddenly slow down, you could have a serious clog or broken pipe. Most times a homeowner can fix the problem on their own.

  1. There Are Odors Coming From Drains

Despite all of the wastewater they carry from a house, drains generally do not give off bad odors. If they do, it is a sign of a potentially serious issue in the waste lines or septic system. Scheduling a septic system repair Mineral Wells can uncover the problem so you can get back to breathing clean air inside your home.

  1. The Water Pressure Drops Suddenly

You need to maintain a certain level of water pressure in a home for appliances like the washing machine and water heater to run optimally. Most of the time, it won’t vary by a noticeable amount during the day. If it does, you could have a problem. There are several reasons your water pressure could drop all of a sudden. It could be something as simple as a clog in one of your lines, or it could be a break in the main water supply line to the house. Either way, you want to find out the problem.

If you notice slow drains, unusual odors or a sudden change in water pressure, take action to prevent a major plumbing problem.